Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Launching a New Website and a New Blog!

I thought I would try this and see what kind of feedback I get on it. If you all find this useful, please let me know!

This blog will be linked to the website to receive and discuss authors whose romance novels consistantly have well-balanced, well-developed love scenes, whether sensual or sweet.

The purpose of the website and this blog is twofold.
1) To help readers find the authors whose novels consistantly well-developed and well-balanced love scenes.
2) To promote the authors who write these novels so they stay in the business of writing them.

This is all still very much in development. I would appreciate suggestions from both authors and readers.

While this blog will be for recommendations and discussion, it can also be for interviews and reviews. It could be a multi-user queue if any of my Blog Buddies want to volunteer a guest column once a week.

Check out the website and see if you like how it is set up. I wanted to have clear categories so readers could find the heat level they can handle. Some only want Sweet (no sex.) Some are fine with Sensual. Whatever. The point is readers want to know what they're buying up front. We hate the disappointment. Makes us feel cheated. Here is the website:


So, have at it, Blog Buds!


LadyBronco said...

Hey hey...

Great idea, good looking website, good looking blog.

I look forward to the discussions/recommendations!

Kimber An said...

So do I! I'm going to look into linking the website to Amazon. I wanted to set up the site so readers can print up a page of Sweet romances or Sensual or Highly Sensual, and just go to town. We all latch onto good authors we know won't let us down. I'm hoping this will help us to find more.