Thursday, December 4, 2008

10 2008 Book Picks

I read a LOT of books, averaging one romance novel a day, so when Kimber An suggested we put together our top 10 books for the year, I groaned. More than groaned. Ripped at my hair, looked up at the sky (actually up at my oh-so-80's popcorn ceiling) and asked 'why me?' LOL. Yes, very dramatic. I do write in my spare time, you know.

I thought I'd put together a nice cross-section of books I like, a sampler plate for my fellow book lovers (like foodies… bookies? No, that means something else entirely). No order to this so if you're an author, don't get excited about your novel being first or last. Oh, I'm also going to give you all new books (i.e. books I've not mentioned yet this year).

Older Heroine/Hero
SECOND CHANCE by Janis Susan May

This is a Regency tale about, you guessed it, a second chance at love. Verity loved and lost Bradford and now years later, he's back. Both have had a full life apart but neither married or found love again.

A Viking Romance
MY LADY VIKING by Jean C. Gordon

A Viking treasure hunt romance, need I say more? I laughed, I cried, I fed my hubby a can of baked beans for dinner.

A Civil War Short
IN THE SHADOW OF MY HEART by Victoria Pitts-Caine

This civil war romance may only be 6 pages long but those 6 pages are pure poetry. Priced at chocolate bar levels, In The Shadow Of My Heart will last longer. I dreamt about this short. It tugs at your heart.

A Traditional Regency
TWO HEARTS by Barbara Miller

Two Hearts is everything a traditional Regency romance should be. The heroine is spunky, the hero strong, and the dialogue fast and witty. I laughed and I cried.

A Humorous Contemporary
DEALER'S HEART by Cyndi Whitten

This was my favorite contemporary romance of the year (yes, it beat out my own novel – Breach Of Trust). Oh, man, oh, man, Abby, the heroine, is hilarious. I spit lemonade out my nose (and that burns, take my word for it). Abby tries to trick Cole into giving her grandfather back a racehorse. That would be easier if Mother Nature wasn't so set against it. Features hurricanes, flying jeeps, and stuck in the mud cows.

A Medieval Pick
KNAVE'S HONOR by Margaret Moore

Although A Lover's Kiss is my favorite Margaret Moore 2008 title, I've already reviewed that Regency gem, and frankly, I haven't read a bad Margaret Moore book in… well… ever. Knave's Honor is a Medieval and Margaret Moore's Medievals always shine.

A Classic Beast Book
RAVISHED by Amanda Quick

I love my beauty and the beast romances and one of the best of all time is Ravished by Amanda Quick. I love how Harriet has faith in her beast Gideon even through the darkest black moment. What is love without trust?

Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
WIZARD'S DAUGHTER by Catherine Coulter

Tired of vampires and werewolves? What about a wizard story? Very well written, the words flow like poetry. My biggest issue with this novel is the print version has very, very small font.

A Time Travel Rock Star
Time To Keep by Susan Cody

Those that know me know I don't like stories about time travel, I don't like stories about rock stars, and I REALLY don't like stories about uptight businesswomen (businesswomen are busy – for some reason that always translates to being uptight) so I was shocked to love this novella. The writing was wonderful, the characters interesting and fun.

A Cowboy Anthology
Brides Of The West by Michele Ann Young, Billie Warren Chai and Kimberly Ivey

Kimber's must stick together…. Just joking. I know nothing about the American West other than what I've watched in Westerns so I was enchanted and educated with this collection of tales about mail order brides. The bravery of these women amazed me. They traveled half way across the country (where they knew no one) to marry a man they also didn't know. And I fret over attending the hubby's holiday party each year.

Oh, boy, that's it, isn't it? My 10. Now my brain is spent from all that decision making. Maybe I'll lose myself in my to-be-read pile. There are some goodies waiting to be top picks for 2009.


Kimber An said...

Great list, Kimber Chin! MY LADY VIKING sounds especially intriguing.

Kimber Chin said...

I LOVED My Lady Viking. So much so that I gave a copy away on my site (I give away a fave eBook every month).

Michele Ann Young said...

Thanks for choosing our Brides anthology. We had so much fund writing it. And did you know it is nominated as a best western for the year at Love Western Romances . com.
We the authors are honored that you considered us one of your top ten.

Best, Michele

Kimber An said...

I love the Top Ten Books lists. Besides helping Blog Buddies find great holiday presents for their loved ones, it's like a trip down memory lane. Like "Oooh, I remember this book. It made me cry when..."

Congratulations on the nomination, Ms. Young and Friends!

Robyn said...

Ravished. My favorite, too!

Jean said...

A top ten pick. Wow! I am really honored.

My Lady Vikng Author

Jessica James said...

Thanks for the list. Looks like a bunch of interesting reads. I guess my TBR pile will get a little higher!

Susan said...

Wow, I'm so honored to be chosen in your Top Ten! Thanks so much. I really enjoyed writing that story. I'm glad you enjoyed it too.

Susan said...

Wow! I am so flattered to be included in your top 10. I've been down with a miserable cold for several days and this is better than any medicine. Thank you. (Yes, I'm another Susan - Janis Susan May. Is it possible that we Susans are taking over the world?)

Kimber Chin said...

Note to self: Remember that authors read review blogs also.


That's what I enjoy about Enduring Romance, I only have to talk about the books I LOVE.

And boy, are there a lot of them!

Susan Cody said...

Oh, sorry! I should have clarified. I'm the Rock Star Time Travel Susan. Yes, we are taking over the world. And to quote our Dancing with the Stars Diva Susan (Lucci): "I'M DOING GOOD!"

Yes, Kimber. Authors read review blogs. Some of us even Google ourselves. (Not that I've ever done that, of course.)

Susan (Cody)

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Kimber -

What a wonderful surprise. I found this while surfing at lunch time. Thank you so much!!

Victoria Pitts Caine
In The Shadow of My heart

Margaret Tanner said...

Great list, congratulations to the writers. A lovely Christmas present for all of you. My TBR pile is growing in leaps and bounds.