Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kimber An at Maximum Capacity

Good morning, Authors and Associates.  My ARC stack is at maximum capacity.  This means if you want to send something, it probably won't get reviewed for a while.  If you don't mind that, do email and ask. 
If we've already emailed about your book, then it's included in my stack whether it's here with me or not.
As always, favorite authors are excluded.  They can send what they want when they want and odds are they'll jump the line.   They have their own tags in the directory. 
Nevertheless, I have no YOUNG ADULT at this time and I try to review one each month.  I checked out a couple from the library.  Tossed one because it was an obvious Twilight knock-off.  Nothing against that blockbuster book and movie.  It's the knock-offs I don't want.  Currently trying to decide if the second YA novel I found will stick with me.  It's by an author I've been keeping an eye on for a while.  Writes great stuff, but nothing of particular interest to me before. 
Please be aware, *Science Fiction* flavored Young Adult novels receive special treatment here.  They don't have to be officially labeled YA either.  They just need to appeal to my younger friends.


Yunaleska said...

*Eyes up Kimber An's ARC stack*

Wow, to have to post this, you must have an awful lot of ARC's.

Kimber An said...

I have a good healthy amount. Few will get reviewed around their release dates, unfortunately. If an author wants his or her book reviewed before the release or while it's still on the shelves, they need to send an ARC as soon as they can. Also, he or she should ask me to review it by a certain date. I do try when asked. Otherwise, it has to wait its turn.

Also, remember, unsolicited ARCs go directly to the bottom of the heap. They're not unwelcome, but the odds of a timely review are not good at all.

Yunaleska said...

Mine is slowly getting there. You have been reviewing longer than me :) Hopefully within a few years I'll have a sizeable stack :)

Mystery Robin said...

If you have any arcs you want to send my way feel free. ;) I'll read anything free of child abuse or demons! I feel like that's a pretty wide range but it actually axes a lot of what's out there right now, it seems.

Kimber An said...

Thanks, Robin! I just emailed you.

Of course, I hate to let any of them go, but they'll get a more timely review if I do.

Kimber Chin said...

Ummm... I am ARC less so please send anything at all historical my way!

Kimber An said...

I've got some for you, Kimber Chin. I really hate to let them go, because they really are so cool. I don't request or accept ARCs unless I'm pretty darn sure I'll like them, you know. (((sigh))) However, they will receive a more timely review if I send them to you. Thanks!

P.S. That second YA did not make the cut. Great premise, but the Heroine was another Cookie Cutter YA Heroine. C'mon, guys, give my younger friends a little more credit! They're smart, sensitive, and deserve better. They can handle more variety and multi-dimensional heroines. And, you know, they can relate to more than just Cynical Sue and the Bella Clone.

I'm a very character-driven reader, and so are they.