Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kimber An's Movies This Week

Love this movies, but this time 'round it just made me want to watch the first MUMMY movie.  Love the girl fighting.  See them on the bottom of the poster?  Very cool.  Great married romance and believable kid trouble too.  And let's face reality here, Brandon Frasure is hot, especially for a brown-haired guy.

I know I said I was currently sick of the STAR WARS movies because my son is currently obsessed with them, but my eldest daughter said Anakin and Padme's kiss in ATTACK OF THE CLONES was the best Star Wars kiss ever and she needed to be set straight.  It worked.  Interestingly enough, she thinks Luke Skywalker is the hottest Star Wars guy ever and I think Anakin is.  What's with that?
JONAH A Veggie Tales Movies

This one's based on the Biblical tale about the prophet Jonah.  God wanted him to deliver a message of mercy to his enemies, but Jonah wanted God to blow them off the map instead.  Sure, it's easy to be nice to people who are nice to you, but what about being nice to people who slap you with fishes?  Much harder.  'Belly of the Whale' is also a step in storytelling in which the protagonists realize just how much crap they've gotten themselves into.  Here's the title song-
My tendonitis is improving, but I do think I'll need to refurbish Enduring Romance once I get my act back together.  The key to survival is the ability to adapt, yanno.


Tia said...

I had to chuckle about the Star Wars kiss. As for hotness, I think the feathered hair might bring back too many embarassing schoolgirl memories. For me, the hottest Star Wars guy from the 2nd trilogy is Mace Windu. None of that cheesy long hair, and he kicked butt.

As for the first trilogy, it's gotta be Han.

Kimber An said...

"As for hotness, I think the feathered hair might bring back too many embarassing schoolgirl memories."

That could be it. Luke looks too much like guys we really knew who were, ahem, less than heroic.

Mace Windu, hot, definitely hot, and that purple lightsaber was the best ever.

Nayuleska said...

You have fantastic taste in movies! Although I haven't seen the last one...

Yup, adapting is good. And essential to make it through life's challenge with sanity kind of in tact.

Looking forward to what you'll do to the blog!

Anonymous said...
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