Saturday, June 30, 2007


Kimber An crawls out from under a pile of shattered lamps, bangs her plasma-pistol on the floor, and tosses it over her head. She pulls up on the Interdiminsional Transport Chamber, slipping around a bit in the Tribble poo. She exchanges tired nods with Lady Bronco standing in the doorway. She looks over to see Merc dancing on a table with the cyber-version of Lisa's book, singing about how she won the signed copy of MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FIND. "Where's the..." She looks at Lady B who lifts a tired finger to point the way to the super-turbo coffee-maker. Yawning behind her hand, she staggers over. "What a party."

Hey, party-goers, what was your favorite part?


Lisa Shearin said...

Kimber An, that was simply an amazing party (and my first cyber launch)!

I want another one! Next May (for Armed & Magical) would do nicely. ; )

I've talked to Merc this morning, and I'll be sending a signed copy of MLTF to her on Monday.

And now, me and my big, honkin' mug of coffee are getting back to work on "Armed & Magical: The Final Read-Thru."

Thanks again for everything! And thank you to everyone who dropped in to share the festivities!

BTW -- Merc doesn't have to be the only winner. I'm getting bookplates (big peal & stick labels) that I can sign/personalize and send to anyone who'd like their copy of MLTF "signed." Just email your name, address, and who you'd like it personalized for to

Now it's back to work,

Kimber An said...

I'm glad you had a blast, although the Tribbles might disagree.

I also hope you'll understand when I say I hope I'm too busy next May getting a novel ready for my own awesome agent to send to my own awesome editor while all of you plan my own awesome Cyber-Launch Book party.

Hope gets us started and keeps us going, but hard work is what actually gets us there. ;)

Back to work on my query letter for the HOLY BENNU.

Lisa Shearin said...

In that case, I hope you're too busy, too. ; ) Maybe Merc, Tia and I will be hosting YOUR first cyber-launch book party this time next year.

Kimber An said...

Thanks. That would be so cool.

Laurie said...

Sorry I missed the C-L Party for MLTF. Couldn't get a pass from my "alternate reality" soon enough. *sigh*

Sounds like it was a blast and you all had a tribble-tromping riot. Glad to see my blog buddy Merc won the signed copy. :)

david gray said...

Smashing party, Kimber An! Literally and figuratively. I think the most fun was the role playing and dialoging that ran through it, also literally and figuratively. I've never played a role-playing game before, but this was a load of fun. As regards next May, I hope your busy too. I'm really looking forward to The Holy Bennu and The Starcaptain's Daughter as well. From the bits of dialogue and narrative I saw here, they'll be my kinda read.

Lisa, this has been a real treat. I'm definitely looking forward to next May and Armed & Magical. I'll be sending you an email for a bookplate for sure. Thanks for that, too.

Congrats, Merc, on your win. Autographed debut novels are tops, especially after a party like this one. See you next time too, I bet.


Kimber An said...

Hi, Laurie. Yep, you missed a real whopper, but we've dragged each other similarly insane scenarios!

David, glad you had fun! Thanks for the encouragement on my novels. Want to know a funny thing? I've never played a role-playing game before in my entire life! Unless you count pretend-play as a child. And as a babysitter. And nanny. And mommy. Okay, so I just never got over it! Yanno, I was the BIONIC WOMAN for about three years when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

Read the book, enjoyed the party...way to go, Merc. Now just want to say Thanks for the great book recommendation.

Kimber An said...

You're most welcome and thanks so much for helping to much the party such fun!