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by Stef Ann Holm
Released October 2003
Lanie Prescott is a cop in the small town of Majestic, Colorado, and she wants out. Not out of the force, mind you, but out of Majestic. The Chief of Police is a man’s man, and he feels that women on the force should pull either meter-maid duty or crowd control at the local grocery store.

Lanie accepts a job offer in the nearby town of Ludlow, but the night of her going-away party, a couple of things happen that shake her world. Her departure is delayed because the officer she will be replacing is suing the Ludlow Police Department, and she meets her replacement here in Majestic, Paul Cabrera.

Paul has transferred from Miami, looking for a calmer environment after being in such a high-stress area. He wasn’t looking for any complications in his life, and in his mind, that’s exactly what Lanie Prescott represented.

Of course, fate has an ironic sense of humor. Paul has rented Lanie’s half of the duplex her mother owns, and Lanie will now be staying with her mother, who lives in the other half. Oh, and Lanie’s mother is dating the Chief of Police – a fact that has Lanie seeing red.

If two people were ever meant for each other, it is Paul and Lanie. Paul has left one case open in Miami that haunts him to this day – a missing child case – and Lanie needs help understanding that her worth is not tied to her father – a police officer killed in the line of duty.

Throughout the book, the interaction between Lanie and Paul had me smiling, because the both of them dance around each other, trying to ignore the pull each one of them has on the other. I really liked the fact that once again a heroine does not turn into a simpering, whiny female at the introduction of the hero. Lanie has guts in spades, and they do not go into hiding once Lanie meets Paul.

The heat level in this novel is sensual, but not out of place at all. Ms. Holm has crafted two characters that you will definitely care about by the time you are done reading this novel.

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Kimber An said...

Oh, a contemporary. I haven't read a contemporary in quite a while! Thank you, Lady B! Now, you'd better go post on your blog what our big secret is because I can't 'cause it's about you and...and...that other really cool person who wrote the book.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Great review as usual... Sounds like one for the keeper shelf... So many books, so little time...