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Sunday's Oldies but Goodies...

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Divine Fire
by Melanie Jackson
Released February 2005
What would you do if you discovered one of history's most famous and beloved poet did not die as was originally believed, but was in fact alive and well and living in New York city?
Brice Ashton is a historical biographer, and her research often uncovers truths about her subjects no one had previously known. Her current biography on Lord Byron turned up quite a few unknown facts about the poet. An advance copy lands on the desk of Damien Ruthvan, New York literary critic, and noted historian in his own right. Intrigued by Brice's story, he invites the author to New York, with the tantalizing offer of setting the story of Lord Byon straight. He has possession of some of the poet's original papers, and he offers the opportunity to study them as an incentive.
Brice had always admired Damien's honesty critiquing others' work, but once in New York, Brice becomes enthralled with the person that is Damien. He seems to be an old soul, one who relates better to the words left behind by the poets, just as she does. Problem is, after spending time with Damien, she begins to suspect something that cannot possibly be true. Along with her growing attraction to Damien, she believes she has discovered that Damien and Lord Byron are one and the same.
Brice confronts Damien with what she has discovered, and when Damien does indeed admit to being the poet, he begins to weave the tale of how he came to be immortal, and the terrible price he pays for it. But the tale takes a more sinister turn when he explains how the doctor who saved him from a slow death from his epilepsy has become the hunter - tracking down others whom he had shown the way to immortality and killing them in a twisted bid to serve penance for a lifetime of immorality.
Damien and Brice must now fight for their lives, because the mad doctor has found Lord Byron, and he will stop at nothing to destroy what he now sees as abominations of nature - even if it means killing whoever gets in the way.
Ms. Jackson has skillfully woven a hypothetical "what-if" into a tale with substance and intrigue. The pace does not lag, and by the halfway point in this story, you will be emotionally invested in these two characters. The chemistry between Damien and Brice is intense from the beginning, and only deepens as the story progresses. The heat level is definitely sensual, but so well integrated into the story that it seems a natural part of the story, as well-written love scenes should seem. Overall, this book was a wonderfully well-written read that will have you wondering what happens next. (Which Ms. Jackson answers in the novel 'Divine Madness' - released Sept. 2006).
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Ooh, cool story, Lady B. Sort of a reverse Time-Travel thing. You know how I love Time-Travel.