Friday, August 31, 2007

Books in the Temporal Vortex

Now that The Holy Bennu is ready to launch into Queryland, I'll have more time to dig into some really good books. I brought home a truckload today. Well, okay, not exactly a truckload...

First up didn't come home today. It's a review copy of The Master of Verona by David Blixt and it's still on a slow boat navigating the treachorous Bering Sea.

The second one I've been wanting for some time now, Star Wars Allegiance, the latest act of genius from Timothy Zahn.

The third I read about on the Clean Reads blog, A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. It's a YA Historical Fantasy. Considering that my next novel for the Slash & Burn, Manic Knight, is a YA Historical Science Fiction (whew!) I think I might learn a thing or two.

Finally, I have The Book of the Dead by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. I don't actually know much about this book. I have to admit I was suckered by the title and cover art. That's rare for me. Those two ancient Egyptian guys remind me of Ariez and Kaliban from my own stories. You know the drill - if I like it, I'll review it. So, this one may or may not come up.

Finally, I thought I'd share my Wish List. These are books that I've been wanting for some time and will review once I get my greedy little fingers on them.

Invisible Husband by Sheila Goss

Graffiti Girl by Kelly Parra

Now and Zen by Linda Gerber

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