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Released July 1999

In the fantasy/romance novel Broken Vows, Ms. Daniells introduces us to T'Imoshen, the last of the T'En lineage. Her land, Fair Aisle, is under attack from General Tulkhan, leader of the Ghebite armies. The Dhamfeer stronghold is surrounded by Tulkhan and his men, and Imoshen must surrender or face the death of all those who have sought refuge within it's walls.
As a true-man, Tulkhan at first trusts nothing the T'En princess has to say. With her wine-dark eyes, milk-white skin, and 6-fingered hands, Imoshen is everything he has been taught to fear. It is said the Dhamfeer have magical powers. The rumors that the T'En can control a man's very mind only increase the friction between conquered and conqueror.
Soon, both Tulkhan and Imoshen realize the only way to hold Fair Aisle from the threat of Tulkhan's half-brother, the King of the Ghebite people, is to present a united front, and ally both people through their bonding. But, there are other forces at work that threaten the tentative accord that has been reached between Imoshen and Tulkhan.
As events are set in motion that threaten the very stability of Fair Aisle, Imoshen and Tulkhan must put aside their own preconceived notions about the other's motives and be willing to fight - for Fair Aisle, for the army loyal to Tulkhan who has chosen to stay by his side, and for each other, or all will be lost.
Normally, the fantasy genre is not something I read, but there was something about the cover that caught my eye, and when I red the blurb on the back, I knew I had to read it. I am glad I did, because Ms. Daniells has managed to create a world that is vibrant and pulsing with life. The heat level in this story is sensual, but intertwined in such a way that if it was not there, you would think something was missing from the story.
Broken Vows is the first book in The Last T'En Trilogy. I could not locate a website for Ms, Daniells, so you can click on the Amazon link below to find out more about this wonderful story.
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Kimber An said...

Tantalizing review, Lady B. Way to go!

LadyBronco said...

Why, thank you Madame Kimber!

This was a really great story, as are the two others in this trilogy.