Thursday, August 2, 2007

LOTTERY Cyber-Launch Party!

***8/3 Update: Pop over to Pat's blog for some wonderful pictures of her debut day!***

Well, I’m sitting hear listening to Weird Al sing, ‘eBay.’ Remember way back when the Arc (Advanced Reader’s Copy) for LOTTERY came out and a bunch ended up being hawked on eBay? Remember laughing our heads off, following the bidding war? Oh, that was such fun! In my little universe, this is Patricia Wood’s theme song.

The glorious day has arrived. As I predicted, Pat didn’t get much sleep last night. That’s okay. Today will probably fly by in a blur. I hope her husband and the other people with her in Real Life remember to take lots of pictures! Pat’s been working hard a long time for this. A lot of us have been along for the ride. She won us over with the power of her personality alone. In the age of the Internet, that’s truly an amazing thing.

Pat didn’t have much time to answer interview questions this week and that’s okay. I’ve been Blog Buddies with her long enough to know all I need to know for this. In fact, I’ve known Pat long enough to know stuff I WON’T tell you even if you threatened to take away my chocolate and never let me sew again. So, I’ll just reprint the front page of her website and we’ll get on with the party.

A funny, poignant, and wise novel about a very rich underdog who shows everyone just how little his IQ says about his smarts.
Redbook magazine says LOTTERY "... tickles your funnybone, tugs your heartstrings, and redefines the word 'fortunate' all at once."
Good Housekeeping calls LOTTERY "... irresistible ..."
Perry’s IQ is only 76, but he’s not stupid. His grandmother taught him everything he needs to know to survive: She taught him to write things down so he won’t forget them. She taught him to play the lottery every week. And, most important, she taught him whom to trust. When Gram dies, Perry is left orphaned and bereft at the age of thirty-one. Then his weekly Washington State Lottery ticket wins him 12 million dollars, and he finds he has more family than he knows what to do with. Peopled with characters both wicked and heroic who leap off the pages, Lottery is a deeply satisfying, gorgeously rendered novel about trust, loyalty, and what distinguishes us as capable.

Patricia Wood is a Ph.D. student at the University of Hawaii, focusing on education, disability, and diversity. Lottery is inspired by her work, as well as a number of events in her life, including her father winning the Washington State Lottery. She lives with her husband aboard a sailboat moored in Ko`Olina, Hawaii. This is her first novel.

Pat is giving away a t-shirt, pen, and floatie for the drawing. If you leave a comment and your username leads to some kind of contact information, your name will be entered to win. Now, on with the party! This time, I swear, it's going to be a professionally coordinated affair.


P.S. Perry L. Crandell is the guest blogger at Pat's blog today. You might want to check it out.


Kimber An said...

Kimber An walks into the party room all ready for Patricia Wood. The scent of fresh roasted pork and pineapple wafts through the air. “Ahh, that’s better. This time we’ll have a real party. No more morphing tribbles and mummies singing ‘Kum-bah-ya’ around a campfire.”

Junior comes bounding out of the kitchen. “Kimber, I fixed your replicator!”

Kimber’s brow cinches together. “Replicator? I don’t have a replicator.”

“Sure, you do, right back there in the galley.”

“Kitchen. I know you grew up on a starship but on solid ground we call it a kitchen.”

Junior shrugs. “Whatever. Anyway, I fixed it.”

“But, I don’t have a replicator! This isn’t the Star Trek universe.”

“Well…they’re here.” Junior points.

Kimber looks over her shoulder to see Klingons grouped around a large bonfire on the beach. “Oooh, no. Junior, I told you never to tell any Star Trek or Star Wars people about cyber-launch parties ever again! You know what a mess they make.”

“I didn’t! Those are the new caterers you hired.”

“Caterers?” Kimber finally notices the Klingons are spinning a targ around the spit instead of a pig. And the shish-kebobs actually have roasted tribbles on them. “Oooh, man! Why can’t I ever throw together a decent party?” Just then, a rattling sound draws her attention back to the kitchen. “That sounds like the microwave oven.”

“What’s a microwave oven?” Junior asks.

The Old Hag (Kimber’s muse) sprints out of the kitchen, flailing her arms around. “Everybody MOVE! She’s gonna BLOW!”

Kimber, Junior, and the Old Hag charge down the sandy hill, falling head over heels.


The blast flings Kimber into the ocean, sinking her head-first and nose-to-nose with an octopus. It inks and she comes up gasping and spitting ocean and octo-slime.

Junior body surfs to shore. “Woo-hooooo!” Seeing Kimber crawling out of the waves, she bursts out laughing and falls into the sand. Getting rather hysterical, she rolls around holding her sides and sending up giggles in high-squeals.

The Old Hag throws up her hands and slaps her knees, cackling.

Kimber falls into the dry sand and buries her face in her arms. “It’s no fair. It’s just no fair.”

Olivia - Junior’s mother - give her a hand up and calls to her husband. “Dearest, she’s babbling again.”

Delano looks up from a barbecue grill. “I’ll get the chocolate.” He bears a striking resemblance to Liam Neeson and wears an apron which reads ‘If you kiss this cook, his wife will kill you.’

ORION said...

This is SO cool! I didn't know Klingons could read!
(Kimber An how do I discreetly tell the eight foot tall knife bristling warrior that he has my book upside down?)

Kimber An said...

Still plastered with octo-slime, Kimber pulls herself up on the alien from Alien who's handing out margaritas. She gives it a strange look. "Uh...I...I...think it's okay. His novel's written in the original Klingon. I think it's supposed to be upside down."

Delano hands Kimber a hunk of chocolate.

Whimpering, Kimber sniffs the chocolate. "I'm sorry, Pat. I am so sorry. I don't what went wrong and Junior blew up my kitchen and most of my party. Looks like the Transdimensional Vortex Chamber is still functioning though." She chomps into the chocolate, sniffing back tears.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Congrats on the release, Pat! You must be so excited right now. I'm really excited for you and I can't wait to read your book. That's so cool that your research for your Ph.D. led to you writing this novel. Excellent! I love it when my academic side helps with my creative side. ;-)

Well, I'm off in search of food and drink. Kimber An, great party as usual, girlfriend. Where's the grub? ;-)


ORION said...

margaritas? did someone say margaritas?
(Pours warm rootbeer down armoured back of nearest bohafiginan mental star cruiser trainer) OOPS! sorry! I needed an empty glass! hey Hey
HEY bring that pitcher of margaritas BACK here.
Kimber An for pity's sake stop your sniveling and get that Transdimensional Vortex Chamber crushing ice so we can make more margaritas.

Marva said...

Marva saunters in wearing her jammies and clutching a cup of coffee. She yawns and taps Kimber on the shoulder.

Kimber turns and gets a faceful of coffee breath.

Marva says, "Hey, I've reposted my blog interview with Pat over at Dasef Central. If people missed it back in May, they can go read it now."

Marva wanders back out of the room thinking about a shower before she shows up in public again.

Anissa said...

Hey Pat! Congratulations on the big day!!! :) Can't wait to meet Perry.

Now pass the pitcher, lady!

Michelle said...

Just stopping by to say congrats to Pat. I'm going to pick up my copy during my lunch hour. Can't wait! I even blogged about yesterday's USA Today article. I wish Pat all the success in the world. Doing a happy dance!

BTW -- hi Kimber An *waving*

Demon Hunter said...

Congrats, Pat!! I cannot wait to read about Perry, not just because you're an awesome writer and person, but because you know about the population of individuals I work with! I told you were going to get a movie deal. I saw the article from USA Today! Congraulations, Pat. You deserve it! :*)

Kimber An said...

After wolfing down the chocolate, Kimber feels much better. "Hi, Marva, Gwyneth, Anissa, Michelle, and Tyhitia! Don't worry about Mr. Alien. Yanno, he was just playing a scary part in a movie. He's actually a nice guy. I think he's hoping the Borg Queen will stop in. He's totally got the hots for her." She twirls the little umbrellas in her drink. "Well, I'd better check on the Transdimensional Vortext Chamber." She starts climbing the hill to where her party room is still smoldering.

Meanwhile, the Klingons are singing 'eBay' with Weird All at the bonfire. In Klingonese, of course.

ORION said...

Too many late nights?
This author has been DRUGGED!
Pat wakes up with remote to Transdimensional Vortex Chamber in one hand and an empty margarita glass in the other.
"Hey one of the intielia motron aromatraomatiers put something in my drink!"

Lisa Shearin said...

Roasted targ and margaritas?? Now that's what I call a lunch! Where's the plates and glasses? Oh, and don't forget the salt. Can't have a decent margarita without salt.

Congratulations Pat! I'm so thrilled for you!

Lisa R said...

I have my camera and an empty 1GB Memory card so I can guarantee you lots of photos! This was a great Cyber Launch for Pat and no one deserves it more than her.

Kimber An said...

Hi, Lisa Shearin! You know, if you link your username in these posts people can pop right over to your blog and website and learn all about your debut novel, MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FOUND!
Oh, good, Lisa R. I'm sure lots of Pat's Blog Buddies are going to want to see those pictures too.

Lisa Shearin said...

Kimber An, I've been meaning to ask you about that. Hey everybody, I'm about to wave my ignorance around in public. How do I link my username? (hangs head in techno-idiot shame)

Kimber An said...

Hi again, Lisa! I think you need to sign into your Blogger account. Go to your Profile. Click on Edit Profile. Check the box near the top of the page which says Share Profile. I think that will do it, but it has been a while since I've set up my initial account.
Kimber picks Tribble fur out of her teeth and bites a zuccini slice off the shish-kebob instead. "I'm tellin' ya, this is absolutely the last time I hire Klingon caterers." She waves a hand to her friends. "I'll be back in a little while. I've got to go tromping through the Alaskan wilderness now. Be back soon. If the Borg Queen shows up, keep an eye on Mr. Alien over there. His much too polite and I'm afraid she'll assimilate him if he asks to buy her a drink."

Lisa Shearin said...

Go to profile, edit profile, share profile. Got it. Be right back. (Scurries off.)

Lisa Shearin said...

I'm back. Let's see if this works.

Lisa Shearin said...

Crap! (Scurries off to try again.)

M. G. Tarquini said...

I'm here! Congrats, Pat! May your next stop be The List.

Michelle Moran said...

Here's to a FANTASTIC debut for a FANTASTIC novel!!!!

Kimber An said...

Distracted by a flaming torch juggler with tremendous biceps, Kimber is mutting, "I'm married, I'm married, I'm HAPPILY married..." She notices Michelle, M.G., and Lisa. Blushing just a little and clearing her throat, she walks over to greet them. "Hi!" She sees Lisa scurrying back through the Chamber. "Techno-problems. Maybe I can get R2D2 for her." She hands drinks to Michelle and M.G. "Thanks for popping in. Are you entering the surfing contest?"

Kimber An said...

"I'm too mommyfied for these all night parties. I just hope I can salvage the super-turbo coffee maker come morning." Kimber falls asleep behind a rather large chunk of driftwood, a tequila in her hand. A large herd of Tribbles escape the Klingons and hide by pretending to be her blanket.

Michelle Moran said...

Michelle sips her Piña Colada and notices Kimber asleep.

"Kimber, Kimber, wake up! You're missing the best stuff! Half the party's gone skinny-dipping!"


ORION said...

Oh man!!! I just got back from the signing. Its 830 pm and I am SOOOO TIRED!
It must have been that Transdimensional Vortex Chamber.
much aloha to you all!!!!!

Lisa Shearin said...

Kimber An, if you could snag R2D2 for me that'd be great! As you can see, the techno-glitches persist.

Where's the coffee and muffins? Need caffeine badly.

(Staggers over to a bar stool. She notices with confusion the puddles of water on the floor. Looks like the skinny-dippers passed through on their way to who knows where.)

LadyBronco said...

*sticks head in door really quick*

"Hey Madame Kimber...I'll be in after work today! Can't wait!"

Kimber Chin said...

Kimber, the other less hooked up Kimber here. Wow, this place is popping. You know how to throw a party!

Kimber An said...

Kimber's head pops up behind the driftwood. Tribbles tumble off her. "Skinny-dipping? All right, you people! That's enough. Some of my younger friends might pop in. The sight of naked Bolian might make them throw up." She pulls herself up and staggers over.

Looking up the hill, she sees only charred remains. "Great." She whips out her Star Trek communicator and flips open the top just like Captain Kirk. "Kimber to Scotty. Come in, Scotty. This is an emergency. Take the Enterprise to full tactical alert."

"Scot here."

Kimber breathes relief. "Junior blew up my coffee-maker and..."

"Have you tried giving her Ritilin?"

"Unfortunately, Dr. Isaiah Freeman is into natural remedies. Listen, I had three child-induced interruptions to my beauty sleep last night. A nosebleed and two nightmares. I need Klingon coffee NOW! Raknichino, double-strong, double-sweet. Send down a case of that and three dozen muffins, half banana-nut and half chocolate-chocolate chip."

"Understood. Scotty out."

Kimber tucks away the communicator and approaches her friends. "It's all right. Scotty owes me a big favor. I took the heat for him when he beamed all those Tribbles on to the Klingon's ship after that incident on the K-7 space station."

Kimber An said...

Good morning, Michelle, Lisa, Pat, Lady B, and Kimber Chin! Don't worry. The coffee will be here any minute now.

ORION said...

Coffee? do I smell coffee?
And muffins?
*curls up on a pile of tribbles and closes eyes*
*starts snoring*
*hand moves compulsively in signing gesture*

Lisa Shearin said...

Hi Pat! Jeez, is it lunchtime already?

(Lisa spots Klingons sitting in the corner booth drinking something truly vile smelling. Oh well, it's five o'clock somewhere.)

(Lisa leans forward over the bar, looking slightly embarrassed.)

Kimber An, about my uh. . . ."technical glitch," could you ask R2D2 to email me once the party's over?

Kimber An said...

"I'll see what I can do." Kimber pours Lisa an enormous cup of Racknichino. "R2 owes me a favor for not snitching on him the last time he saudered C3Po's heels together."

LadyBronco said...

"WooHoo, it's Friday! Hey, is there any coffee left? I could sure use some!"

*LadyB trips over a pile of Tribbles that is partially obscuring a blond head that bears an uncanny resemblance to the top of Pat's head.*

"Pat? Is that you?"

ORION said...

"huh? Huh? Blaaa!! I got tribble fur in my mouth!"
*Lady B drags a bedraggled Patricia Wood out from under a pile of critters*
"I know.
It wasn't a good idea to shut my eyes...
hey where's my purse?
Oh man!
Those tribbles have my credit card over at the cash bar!
help me Lady B!"

LadyBronco said...

*Whips out the double-sided fuchsia light saber*

"You'd think the darn things would learn!"

What ensues is a terrible sight...Tribbles flying...furry parts landing in the coffee...oh the humanity! Coffee should never have Tribble pieces in it!

Kimber An said...

Kimber stands nearby, face buried in her hands. But, then, she feels a strong hand on her shoulder and looks up. "Delano?"

"Don't worry about this mess. We're making Junior clean this all up, since she blew up your galley."



"Thanks." Kimber drops her hands and watches him trudge of the hill.

Junior's already shoveling charred debris into a wheelbarrel.

"This has been one heck of a party. Only ten minutes to 7 O'clock and the drawing will be held. I'd better go find a hat."

Kimber An said...

The drawing is now closed. I will now have a child draw one of your names from an empty coffee can because I couldn't find a hat. Somehow, it seems more appropriate anyway.