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Sunday's Oldies but Goodies...

Good Morning!
This week's Oldie but Goodie is...
Hot Stuff
by Carly Phillips

Released August 2004

With football season just around the corner, I thought this week would be good to review a book that proves women and sports can happily co-exist ~ especially when there is a good man involved.

Annabelle Jordan is the oldest of three sisters whose parents were killed in a plane crash. We meet the trio for the first time when they arrive at the home of their uncle Yank Morgan, just after their parents are killed. Annabelle is the leader of the three girls, and she vows to keep the three of them together no matter what.

Fast-forward to the present, and Annabelle and her sisters work for Yank in his sports agency, The Hot Zone, as publicists. Annabelle has just been assigned to handle publicity for one Brandon Vaughn, former football star, who now is trying to start a summer camp for special kids.

One problem, though. There have been strange and seemingly random occurrences that have been driving the opening date of the camp back bit by bit until Brandon finally realizes something fishy is going on.

Another problem? Brandon hasn't been able to stop thinking about Annabelle ever since they met a few years ago at a charity event, and now, she will be attached at the hip until the strange goings-on stop, and her ability to spin any situation into a positive one is no longer necessary.

Of course, the fact that Annabelle hasn't been able to stop thinking about Brandon either only makes the whole situation a bit sticky. Annabelle has abandonment issues because of her parents dying when she was so young, and Brandon has a few issues he has never been able to deal with, either.

Together, the two of them have two monumental tasks ahead of them. Discover who doesn't want Brandon to open his summer camp, and decide if this thing between them is something that can overcome both of their life-long hang-ups that have prevented them from trusting anyone with their hearts.

Ms. Phillips does a wonderful job of making us care about Annabelle and Brandon. From the first time we meet them together in Yank's office, we can see there is something there ~ something worth exploring. The story of Annabelle and Brandon is also interspersed with the story of Yank and Lola, (Yank's assistant), as well as briefly delving into the lives of Annabelle's sisters, Sophie and Mickie. All of these interesting character's lives are skillfully woven together without detracting from the main story, which will have you smiling, sighing, and shaking your head. The heat level is sensual, but in no way detracts from this fun and engrossing read.

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