Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Michelle Moran interviewed on the Kimber An Nebula!

The author of NEFERTITI agreed to be my first guinea pig...uh, I mean, guest...on my brand new website, the Kimber An Nebula. Her interview can be found on the 'Compelling Profiles' page.

I set up this website specifically for my younger Blog Buddies.


Tia Nevitt said...

Not bad!

You seem to be pretty good at getting a website together, and it appears that you know your way around HTML. Why don't you get a domain name? They aren't that expensive and if you set it up through a major provider, they do all the grunt work for you.

Kimber An said...

Thanks, Tia.

Actually, I have no idea what an HTML is. With Tripod, I just point and click. And it's free. I signed up to be an Amazon Associate in the hope I could afford my own domain name one day. I hate all those annoying ads at the top and bottom of my web pages.

Katie said...

that is so cool. I loved her book, really really wonderful.

Kimber An said...

Yeah, me too, Katie. I love books that span generations and genres too. The readers of NEFERTITI I know have been from their teens to their fifties, from Historical-loving to Science Fiction. I'd love to be capable of that kind of storytelling one day.