Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday's Oldies but Goodies...

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This week's Oldie but Goodie is..
Runaway Time
by Deborah Gordon

Released October 1995

In 'Runaway Time' Deborah Gordon introduces us to Sarah Maravich, a historian with the Wells Project. In the year 2085, the scientists associated with this project are responsible for the tempronauts they send back in time on scientific and medical research missions. Sara has bee sent back in time to Civil-War era Washington City, with the hopes of meeting with President Lincoln. Her mission is two-fold ~ discussing race relations with him and one Tyson Stone, and trying to prevent the President from going to the Ford Theater.
Unfortunately, Sarah has arrived two weeks after Lincoln's assassination, and her meeting with Tyson Stone has not gone according to plan. Tyson mistakes her for a Confederate spy, and Sarah is arrested. Tyson is ordered to interrogate the mysterious Sarah March, the name chosen for this mission in order to sound less foreign to the ears of the super-paranoid citizens of the Union.
Tyson Stone is intrigued at the enigma that is Sarah March. But when she starts telling Ty of the marvels and advancements of her world, he begins to believe she just might be telling the truth. Of course, the arrival of Sarah's daughter, Shelby, convinces Ty that Sarah is who she says. After all, no 17 year-old girl from the 1800's would be quite so, shall we say, open about anything and everything. The fact that Shelby is a powerful psychic and has been trained from childhood how to control and use her mind for good can only help in this tumultuous time in America's history.
As Ty, Sarah, and Shelby begin their work to teach others there is truly no difference in human beings simply because of their skin color, a man with a different agenda has discovered their now combined mission of peace and unity, and in his warped mind has targeted Ty.
Ms. Gordon has written a wonderful time-travel romance in 'Runaway Time'. Her characters are vividly written, their personalities leaping off the page with their own unique qualities. it is those qualities that make you emotionally vested in the outcome of their story. There is another sub-plot going on in this story, but I will leave you to discover what that is. The romantic details are added tastefully, and are semi-sensual in nature. This novel is second in a series, and while I could not find a website for this wonderful author, you can check out this novel on at the following link:
Runaway Time (An Avon Romantic Treasure)
Happy Reading!

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Great review, Lady B! I love time travel stories.