Saturday, August 4, 2007

Party's Over, Dude

We had a smashing good time celebrating the debut of Pat's novel yesterday and the day before. Junior blew up my party room after 'fixing' my replicator which was actually a microwave oven. The Klingon caterers roasted targ instead of pig on the beach. And Tribble fur got into everything. Especially when Lady Bronco rescued Pat from them with her double-sided, fuschia-colored lightsaber.

We have a winner for the drawing, but I'm not going to announce until he or she responds by email. So, if you haven't already, check your email! Pat's putting your prize together.

Meanwhile, pop over to Pat's blog to keep up with her progress as a brand new published author. There are some wonderful pictures up right now. Also, Pat's turning over some stunning numbers at Amazon and Barnes & Noble too. Way to go, Pat! We all knew you could do it!

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