Thursday, July 3, 2008


I love my Regency Romances so much that I read about one a day. I was expecting to write a review this month on a new release from a favorite Regency author. That novel disappointed but fortunately, I found a brand new author with a debut novel I adored. YES!

We're talking, of course, about Olivia Parker's At The Bride Hunt Ball.

Gabriel Devine, the Duke of Wolverest, has decided it is high time his younger brother Lord Tristan married. Scarred by his parent's relationship, the Duke doesn't plan to ever marry and he wants to ensure the estates stay in the immediate family. Being an efficient and practical sort of man, he (with his sister's help) organizes a country party to be attended by hand-picked eligible 'perfect' women.

Perfect. And that's why the half-American and accident prone Madelyn Haywood is confused when she receives an invite. She is far from perfect (as her stepmother often reminds her) and frankly, she doesn't plan on making the effort to become perfect. She doesn't want to marry either of the brothers. If she does attend the party, however, her desperate-for-cash stepmother has promised she can return to her childhood home afterwards. Plus her best bud in the whole wide world is in love with the rather shallow Lord Tristan.

Wow, looking at my summary, I'd be wondering what makes this novel special. Hasn't this been done before? Sure, but not with these two characters and not with these twists and turns. The baddies aren't necessarily baddies. The 'good' people aren't necessarily good. Not every character has a happy ending (far from it). Madelyn and Gabriel sizzle, yes, that's to be expected but their personalities mesh. So much that I can't think of any two people more 'perfect' for each other. Oh, and I am a bit in love with Gabriel (that doesn't hurt).

If you love a good great Regency, you'll enjoy Olivia Parker's At The Bride Hunt Ball.

The heat rating is sensual. There isn't much violence (a bee sting, stomping on toes, and falling into fountains).


Robyn said...

I love Regencies. Thanks for the heads up on a new author!

Kimber Chin said...

Thanks Robyn!

I'm always thrilled to pieces when I 'discover' a new author. I can't wait to read Olivia's next book!