Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cyber-Launch Book Party for SHADES OF DARK confirmed!

Hey, Blog Buds! Good news. Linnea Sinclair has agreed to let us indulge in a little lunacy to celebrate the July 29th release of SHADES OF DARK. The party will be here, Thursday, Augest 7th. The lovely Kimber Chin has agreed to move her book review from that day to August 5th, so we won't have any collisions in the process. If you've never been to a Cyber-Launch Book Party, click on their link in the Directory to your lower left. This will be Linnea's third party! The first one didn't survive the transfer from the old Star Captains' Daughter blog, but the one for DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES is there. Nowadays, parties are for one day only, however.


Kimber Chin had other good news - Science Fiction Romance is selling hot in eBooks! I'm delighted, but not surprised. Selection in print for SFR New Releases is limited right now and, think about it, readers who love anything Science Fiction flavored are going to be computer saavy. Oh, if I only had my own eBook reader...Christmas is coming!


Heather said...

Woot! I'm telling you, this is one great summer for all things SF. I am officially giving you my R.S.V.P. for the cyber launch party.

I'm not surprised by Kimber Chin's news on SFR being hot in ebooks. I'm just thankful those editors have not only the good taste, but also the instincts and vision.

Kimber An said...

Linnea told me Science Fiction Romance has always done well in ePublishers. Maybe SFR has had a slow build-up and will soon be the next hottest thing. I don't know.

I'm just hoping all the publishers will pay attention to blogs like the Galaxy Express and the Science Fiction Romance Shelfari and see what a huge variety of stories readers love. If they only put out 'Kick-Butt Heroine Saves the Galaxy and Has Hot Nookie' books, the sales numbers for New Releases will not be a reflection of what readers really want.