Thursday, January 1, 2009

WHAT A LADY WANTS by Victoria Alexander

I am in a bit of a pickle. I held off buying newly released print books (what I usually review on this site) because I tend to receive them for Christmas presents (nothing makes my dear Mom more irritated than me having already bought the books she gives me). So I received a stack on the 25th, have read a dozen of them, and with the exception of A Wallflower Christmas (which I reviewed for you), all of them were… well… not special, not books I would recommend.

So I thought I'd talk about a book released in 2007 that I read for the first time in December. That book is What A Lady Wants, book 2 of Victoria Alexander's Last Man Standing series. The series is about four bachelors swearing to remain exactly that… bachelors.

Nigel Cavendish thinks he's dallying with a married woman in an open relationship. However, when the irate and armed husband comes home, he discovers… ummm… not so much. He high tails it over a wall into Lady Felicity's garden. That young miss has seconds previously wished on a star for an adventurous man. Well, Nigel is certainly that. Felicity, certain he is her destiny, is determined to marry Nigel and he is determined to remain a bachelor.

Felicity is downright hysterical. She is so determined, so honest about her intentions, that I laughed during the entire book. Nigel doesn't know what to do with her. He knows exactly what she wants (because she tells him every five minutes and is busy planning their future together) yet can't for the life of him avoid her. I don't blame him. The woman is entertaining.

This is also a tear jerker. I felt for Felicity. I felt her frustration and finally her acceptance that she wasn't going to get her heart's desire. I was a sobbing mess by the end of that bit.

My only problem with What A Lady Wants is I didn't think what happened to Nigel's father was necessary. I was emotionally drained by that point and thought it was a bit over the top.

'Course this means I have to go back and read the other 3 books. Sigh. The things I do for Enduring Romance.

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