Saturday, May 23, 2009

Book Review Blog Mix-Up

Guess what? I just received an ARC today for THE VANISHING SCULPTOR by Donita K. Paul. It was addressed to The Fantasy Debut and sent to my snail-mail address. Well, I didn't request it, but there's no way I wanted to send it back! So, I emailed Tia, the real moderator of The Fantasy Debut and she said she didn't request it either. Sometimes publishers and authors send books without asking if we want them and without our requesting them. This is cool with me, especially if it's from publishers and authors I've reviewed for before and they know what I like. This books from Random House and it's due out June 2nd. I'll try to get up a review of it by then because it looks really fun and adventurous.
I am so sick of 'Dark & Sexy' I could just puke. And, please, no Kick-Butt Heroines unless they actually get knocked up from all that wild monkey love.


Tia Nevitt said...

At least the book was well-targeted to you. Maybe your database entry at RH has the wrong blog name on it.

Kimber An said...

Good morning, Tia!

Yeah, I think it was well-targeted too. I was glad to get it! My daughter wants to swipe it. In my email, I explained I was the moderator of Enduring Romance, but that you and I often review the same or similar books so if it was a mistake then it was a happy mistake.

Yunaleska said...

Random books for reviewing = lovely!