Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome to this Wonderful World, Lil Bean

God looked upon our broken hearts, took pity, and sent us you.
'What a Wonderful World' Louis Armstrong


Michelle Moran said...

Oh my gosh - my heart is bursting with joy for you! Congratulations!!!!

Kimber An said...

Thank you so much, Michelle. We're still rather astonished ourselves. Did I mention we'd begun the adoption process a week before learning I was pregnant? Unexpected miracles are the best.

Nathalie Mallet said...

Oh wow, Kimber An, she’s ADORABLE! Congratulations!

Kimber An said...

Thanks so much! We're thoroughly enjoying every moment, even 3 a.m. feedings. Be grateful and thoroughly enjoy every good thing in life, no matter how big or small. That's what we've learned the hard way. These precious moments will never come again and the memory of them will carry us to Heaven one day.

Heather Massey said... glad to hear you both made it through healthy. Congratulations!!!

Kimber An said...

Thanks, Heather! I miss her when she sleeps. I'll be sitting on the sofa and my postpartum hormones will be getting me down, and then I'll realize it's because Lil Bean's been asleep for a while and I miss her. So, then, I'll go hover over her cradle for a while; you know, just in case I need to throw my body on any passing meteroites before they strike. I'll check her breathing, stroke her arm, just to make sure, sigh. She's so cute when she wakes up. She'll let out a hunger cry and I'll rush in there and start talking to her. "Mama's here, Mama's here." And she'll stop crying and start 'talking' back, making cute little grumbly baby sounds. Ah, it is bliss.

Kimber An said...

Guess what? I had my first outing yesterday. Guess where to? Well, the bookstore, of course. Actually, the bookstore was closed. So, we went to a grocery store with a good-sized book section. Since I've been beached for a while, it was all new to me anyone. Didn't see anything I wanted, but I did see a book I reviewed a while back - THE BRIDEGROOM by Linda Lael Miller. Geez, she can weave the prose. I remember being so envious, as a writer, the whole time I was reading it. It's a Western Romance, which is something I never read. However, I've learned I'm helpless in the 'hands' of a skilled author. Loved it.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Kimber An,

I'm late but... congrats, congrats, congrats! She is just the most precious and most beautiful little baby girl in the world! Congratulations! My heart is bursting for you and your family right now.


Kimber An said...

Thank you so much, Gwyneth!

I can't believe how big she is already and all on Mommy Milk!