Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kimber An's Favorite Movies

Good morning, Blog Buds!  Still trying to take it easy on my hands.  It's not easy finding creative outlets which do not involve the hands, so I'm trying to watch old movies.  I have four children though, so getting to watch what I want is not easy.  Usually, this list would include one or more STAR WARS movies.  However, my son is now obsessed with 'Lightsaberin' and so I am currently sick of those movies.  In no particular order...  (Oh!  Check out that ellipses there!  Isn't it pretty?  Sorry, I just finished revising a novel and waay over-do ellipses.  They're soooo pretty!  Okay, now, I'm ready with the movies.)
STAR TREK FIRST CONTACT.  Well, duh.  I love how Captain Picard turned his victum status (he'd once been assimulated) on it's head and used what he'd learned to defeat the Borg.  I also loved how the Picard/Data relationship matured into Father/Son..
INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE.  I love adventure, Harrison Ford (Han Solo!), Sean Connery, and dirty archaeology.  These two actors were hilarious together.
STAR TREK.  The new movie based on the original series.  Well, of course, it's another STAR TREK movie!  I am an unrepentant Trekkie, you know.  I don't live in my parents' basement and can't count over four with my mittens on either.  This movie just totally rocked.  Kirk and Spock had such good mommies, Sulu had a really cool retractable sword, and Chekov was so cute I still want to bake him some cookies.
TREMORS.  And then there's running and screaming!  I don't read or view the Horror genre, but I love a good 'Monster in the House' movie like this.  I'm a big fan of JAWS too.
As close to perfect as an action movie can get, I think.  I love that the Heroine, Evie, is powerful in her own (intelligence) way rather than in the trendy 'kick-butt heroine' way.  And let's face it, Brandon Frasure is hot, well, for a brown-haired guy.
You may have noticed a theme here, movies set in hot deserts.  Well, it is the tail end of winter here in Alaska, you know, and we're really looking forward to some heat up here.


D.L. said...

The Mummy is just friggin amazing. It's my go to comfort movie. Cheesy in the bst possibl way. And I'm not a Trekkie but I did love the movie that came out last year!

Kimber An said...

The Mummy? Cheezy? Oh, yeah, now I want some cheezy popcorn!

The amazing thing about Star Trek is it's ability to reinvent itself over and over again and for each generation. That's the secret of longevity in the entertainment business, I think.

Yunaleska said...

Love the Mummy, its hilarious.

What about Star Wars (thought you liked it too....especially that Hans Solo moment!)