Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Kimber An Is Up To

Well, since you asked, I just launched my own novel, SUGAR RUSH, into Queryland.  Yeah, yeah, I know it doesn't have a snowball's chance on Vulcan.  Nevertheless, it was fun, I learned a lot, and now I have a wicked case of Tendonitis you just wouldn't believe.  The painting is 'The Naiad' by J.W. Waterhouse and is what I imagine the heroine looks like.
Between raising four children, one of whom is a baby, and polishing a novel for submission, I've been a very busy girl.  Plus, there's that wicked case of Tendonitis.  I need to recover.  So, *I am still not accepting ARCs.*
Instead, I'm wanting to write a Middle Grade novel next.  I have no idea how to write a Middle Grade novel.  Having no idea how to do something never stops me though.  And so I'm reading all my daughter's favorite books as part of that learning curve, books like THE GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOLE by Kathryn Lasky. 

I love owls.  I love birds in general.  Owls are so wonderful because they're beautiful and powerful, but, oh, so secretive.  Loved OWL MOON by Jane Yolen.  I want to be Jane Yolen when I grow up, in case you're wondering.
So, I'll be telling you about those Middle Grade novels on the weekends most likely.
Other than that, I'll be reading books which I already own or will buy at my own expense.  That way I won't feel obligated to get them read and review at a certain time.  Gotta let my hands rest, you know, Tendonitis.  In the coming months, not more than once a month, I'll be reviewing LEVIATHAN by Scott Westerfeld, DREAM OF PERPETUAL MOTION by Whathisname Palmer, BONESHAKER by Cherie Priest, and INCARCERON by Catherine Fisher.  No, it's not your imagination.  I'm moving into a Steampunk phase.  I'd like to write Steampunk one day.  Got no clue how.
Also, I'm very much looking forward to SUREBLOOD by Susan Grant.  Yeah, I know the cover screams Contemporary Erotica, but it's Science Fiction Romance, I swear, all about a space pirate mama.  Yeah, we Skiffy Rommers already puked Tribbles over that. 
That's about it.  Gotta go love my baby and load the dishwasher and rest my hands.


Yunaleska said...

Whoohoo for launching into queryland. MG for the next wip sounds good too. You can do this!

Heather Massey said...

Fingers crossed for SUGAR RUSH! And thanks for linking to my post on Susan Grant's cover. I wonder if our voices were heard...