Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review: Her Captain Dares All by Eliza Knight

Her Captain Dares All
by Eliza Knight

Genre: Spicy Historical Romance (Regency)
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Price: $4.00

What I Liked:
Well, I've now read all three of the "Men of the Sea" series by Eliza Knight. And while this wasn't my favorite of the three (Her Captain Returns was the BEST), this was very good. I liked that the settings were unique. It gave a new feel to the story. Of course, the hero was majorly hunky. Knight writes fantastic heroes, trust me. I've read probably five of them now, and they're all uber yummy. Jeremy Williams, in Her Captain Dares All, was no different.

My favorite thing about these books is that they're easily consumable but not forgettable. They're just over 100 pages (so, novella length), but contain a whole story. I never feel like I get slighted on the story when it comes to Eliza Knight's novellas. But they're easily readable in about an hour. I love that. I can get totally caught up in them on the exercise bike, or on a commuter flight, and not feel like I have to put them down before I'm ready to. I really enjoy that. I know a lot of people sort of look down their noses at novellas... I think that's unfortunate. I have really gotten into reading them lately, and have found them to be just as enjoyable as novels.

I enjoy these spicy Regency novels that Eliza Knight writes. I like her characters, I like the plot lines, I like the resolutions. I think she writes relationships very well, and she is a master of sexual tension. I thoroughly recommend these Men of the Sea books. This particular one is a new release (just last month), and the last in the series. A great conclusion to a great series of yummy British Naval Captains.

Book Blurb:
Pursued by kidnappers, Lady Tessa Woodward is running for her life. When handsome Captain Jeremy Williams comes to her rescue in the backstreets of Paris, she persuades him to help her escape France and return to her home in England.

Captain Jeremy Williams is captivated by Lady Tessa's fiery nature and agrees to give her passage aboard his ship. Once on board, his desire grows and soon reveals a sensual side to the woman he can’t deny. But when danger threatens his lady, will the captain dare all to save her?


Kimber An said...

great review, rebecca!

Rebecca Lynn said...

Thanks, Kimber. It was a great book. :-)