Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wickford High: The Revelation by Karen Fuller

August 2010, kNight Romance Publishing Teen Bites
E-book, Review copy
Young Adult paranormal romance

Summary from kNight Romance Publishing

The first day of school anywhere is never fun...
Vicky Phillips was having the worst day of her life.  A new town, a new school, and it just happened to be her senior year.  Wickford High held no appeal to her, until she met the gorgeous Luke Wolfburn.  Luke made the disaster she called her life bearable. 
Dark secrets that must be kept hidden...  Her recent past and her mother's recent death were her darkest secrets.  Vicky all too soon discovered that you can't run from your past.  It will always come back to haunt you...

This is one of many genres I eagerly snap up to read. It is a relatively short book, placing it in what I call a light read section but this doesn't detract from the quality of the writing or the tension in the story. This is the first book in the series, and it has me wanting to know a lot more about Vicky's life. I was giggling away in the first chapter - everything that could go wrong on Vicky's first day, did go wrong. Quite spectacularly too. She doesn't give up, mostly because she can't. She makes the other girls in her class and year jealous - they idolise Luke and don't understand why he favours her. One of these girls goes as far to hurt Vicky, using a power that I thought would shock her. However,  Vicky's secret involves a greater power. It was a plot revelation that shocked me - I love how the power Vicky uses isn't entirely good. If she's not careful she could go down the path of evil. Using her power means she gets to learn a bit more about what happened to her mother. That was a horrible part of the story and had me needing a tissue. The relationship Vicky has with her father is really sweet. It's clear they love each other dearly, and I think her father will be her rock in later books. All the characters are memorable for me, especially the nuns and monks who teach at the school. Some definitely do not like Vicky! 

Heat wise this is a mild read. I recommend it for all fans of YA paranormal romance, especially if they enjoy books evolving around high school (I do!). I hope to be reviewing the rest of this series as it gets released. 


Kimber Li said...

And the hero is BLOND!!!

Great review, Nayu.

Nayuleska said...

Heehe, yup! Thanks Kimber :)