Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cyber-Launch Book Parties

As some of you already know, we're throwing a Cyber-Launch Book Party for DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES by Linnea Sinclair right here on the Enduring Romance blog November 29th and 30th.
To get an idea of the lunacy involved, you may want to look to the left hand side of this blog and click on the link 'Cyber-Launch Book Parties' under the heading 'Special Blog Columns.' That link will take you to the parties for NEFERTITI by Michelle Moran, MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FOUND by Lisa Shearin, and LOTTERY by Patricia Wood.
Can't get enough hot goblins and mummies singing Kum-bah-yah around a campfire on a beach in Hawaii? Pop over to my blog . Scroll down to the low-lower right hand side to the heading 'Star Captains' Log' and go searching the old archives for the Cyber-Launch Book Parties for SWEET SENSATION by Gwyneth Bolton, GAMES OF COMMAND by Linnea Sinclair, and MY FAVORITE EARTHLING by Susan Grant.

Well, gotta go. I usually take Sundays off the Internet, except email and responding to blog comments. However, I'm covering for Lady Bronco on Sundays for November. Check back here in the morning for great books to buy for children. The holidays are coming! Give a gift which will impact a child for life.

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