Friday, November 2, 2007

Historicals & Picture Books

Hungering for Historicals? Pop over to Clean Reads (link's on the sidebar.) The past several reviews have been historicals.
I've decided to talk about my favorite children's picture books on Sundays throughout November while Lady Bronco takes her break from reviews. Even if you don't have children, you'll benefit from this because the holidays are coming. People are making babies all over the place these days. Odds are good you have grandchildren, neices, nephews, or children of friends you want to buy presents for. Besides books being adored by children, you can draw some satisfaction in knowing you played a small part in a child's potential for greatness by giving him or her an excellent book. So, pop in Sunday with pen and paper handy.
This won't be any extra work for me. After years as a nanny and a homeschooling mom, I can quote these books in my sleep. "Yertle the Turtle was kind of the pond. A nice little pond, it was clean, it was neat..."

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