Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sunday's Oldies but Goodies...


I’m kicking off this year’s first Oldie but Goodie with a great read!

This Sunday’s Oldie but Goodie is…

This Time Love

by Elizabeth Lowell
First published January 2003

On the surface, the story of Joy Anderson and Gabe Venture seems simple enough. They were young when they got involved, they fell in love, he left, and now she hates his guts for it. At least, that what she tells herself so she can get through life.

Oh, but rarely are things that simple.

Six years ago Joy was Gabe’s guide at New Mexico’s Lost River Cave. Gabe was an aspiring journalist, and Joy fell in love in an instant. As in real life, complications surrounded the couple, and Gabe left - leaving Joy alone, heartbroken, and pregnant.

Flash forward to the present and Gabe, now an award-winning journalist has accepted an assignment to revisit the Lost River Cave, not knowing that Joy, now a doctor, is once again to act as his guide.

I remember when I had first sat down to read this story – recommended to me by a friend – and thought oh Lord, another they-broke-up-young-but-still-love-each-other-and-are- too-stubborn-to-admit-it story. Well, this story is that, but so much more. Throughout the novel, not only does Ms. Lowell weave a tale of these two people with just the right amount of vulnerability and heartbreak, but she also spins a beautiful tapestry of Joy and Gabe’s surroundings. As events unfold, there are certain aspects that are a bit predictable, but you don’t really notice because by then, you care too much about Joy and Gabe and their daughter to mind. By the time you reach the end of the tale, you will be, by turns, happy, angry, sad, and just plain mad as hell at how the two of them were manipulated in the past. The heat level in this story can be categorized as sensual.

You can find out more about the author and her book list on her website

Happy reading!

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