Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday News

Linnea Sinclair's been nominated for another Rita.
This award is the highest honor put out by the Romance Writers of America. She won her first for GABRIEL'S GHOST which I reviewed here last month. I'll review the sequel, SHADES OF DARK the second week in May. This second Rita nomination is for GAMES OF COMMAND which I reviewed and Cyber-Launched a year ago. It now has two covers, the old one-
and the new one-
I prefer the old one. I wonder if Linnea will have an acceptance speech prepared this time?


Kudos to Ciara Gold! Her electronically published Fantasy novel, A NOBLE SACRIFICE won the Eppie and has now garnered enough interest to be published in print form. I'll be reviewing A NOBLE SACRIFICE this summer. Her next novel ONCE JILTED was just released.
Ann Aguirre has just finished negotiations for two new novels, DOUBLEBLIND and KILLBOX. Sara J. will be reviewing her first novel, GRIMSPACE here towards the end of this month.

Oh, I should announce well in advance that we're throwing a Cyber-Launch Book Party to celebrate the release of ARMED & MAGICAL by Lisa Shearin on April 24th. Unlike Cyber-Launch Parties before, this will be for ONE DAY ONLY. So, if you want to attend, be here April 24th. All Cyber-Launch Parties from now will be for one day only.

Okay, one last thing before Tuesday ends. I think I should continue telling you about books I would read and review if I had the time or if the authors didn't need help from puny little me. ARCs and book sent to me by authors and author associates take priority over novels I obtain myself and I'm already booked solid for 2008. News Flash! I almost paid money to obtain a book today!

And I may still do it. My younger friends, especially Urbie, have told me about Eva Ibbotson for over a year and I still have not gotten to read any of her books. A SONG FOR SUMMER is just out in paperback and looks to be a riveting tale. 'Dear Author' gave rave reviews to one of Ms. Ibbotson's previous novels, A COUNTESS BELOW STAIRS. This author has been around for a while and has a hefty backlist.


In fact, I've witnessed an explosion of excellent Historical/Fantasy lately. One of them, THE RED QUEEN'S DAUGHTER, I've been lucky enough to receive as an ARC. I'll review it in May. My younger friends tell me the novels of Libba Bray are also excellent. I did try A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY, but it started out kind of stereotypical teenish. I dropped it. My younger friends tell me it gets better and turns out to be excellent. These Historical/Fantasy novels are marketed to teens, so you'll have to look in the Young Adult section.

Just, just one more! Holly Kennedy just released her third novel, THE SILVER COMPASS. She generously sent the ARC to me and then I got bogged down in a time crunch. Mystery Robin will be reviewing it in May, I think, so pop back in on her day.
That's all I've got for this week. Authors and Authors' Associates, if you have news, email me or post it as a bullitin on MySpace and I'll put it in the Tuesday News here. The MySpace option is your best bet, because you won't just be telling me (providing we're Friends). You'll be telling all your Friends there too.



Gwyneth Bolton said...

Congrats to Linnea!

I have Ann's novel and can't wait to read it.


Kimber An said...

I hear more and more buzz about GRIMSPACE.

Michelle Moran said...


Linnea Sinclair said...

Wow, thanks so much, kids! No, no speech ready. Won't need one. Honest, trust me. Look at whom I'm up against. And I'm SF. SF wins so rarely. It's just a totaly freakin' wild and crazy honor to be a finalist. Honest, it is. I'm so jazzed. You kids are the best.

And yeah, Grimspace rocks. READ IT.

Hugs, ~Linnea

Kimber An said...

You might just win, Linnea! Even if you don't, it's a great thing for you and for Science Fiction Romance as a subgenre.

Hi, Michelle! Thanks for popping in.

Kimber Chin said...

"ARCs and book sent to me by authors and author associates take priority over novels I obtain myself and I'm already booked solid for 2008."


That's why I'm not devastated to be ARC-less at the moment. Tomorrow I get to review one of few novels to be added to my keeper shelf. Definitely not an ARC. I don't think the author knows I'm alive.

Ciara Gold said...

Wow, thanks so much for posting this, Kimber An. And Linnea, best of luck with the Rita. I'm going to cross my fingers for sci-fi. LOL.

Kimber An said...

Yes, any time we can draw attention to Speculative Romance, it's a good thing, Ciara.