Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday News!

Linnea Sinclair has a book trailer out for her July release, SHADES OF DARK. Click on the link to view. Also, this will go into the Enduring Romance Book Trailers.
Authors, if you have a trailer for a book we've reviewed here or will be reviewing her, send it to us! We'll post it in the Tuesday News and place it on http://enduringromancebooktrailers.blogspot.com/

ARMED & MAGICAL hits the bookshelves today!

We had a blast at the Cyber-Launch Book Party. Scroll down to Thursday, April 24th to read all about that. The party's in the comment section. Darth Vader lopped off a mummy's a head, which the Tribbles proceeded to play toss back and forth between themselves, and I dumped Brandy on Gandolf's head. At least the kitchen didn't blow up this time. Owlfish won the drawing for ARMED & MAGICAL goodies - congratulations!


That's it for this Tuesday, Blog Buds, unless something comes in before the end of the day and I have time to post it.


Kimber Chin said...

Another great cover from Linnea Sinclair!

I might, just might, have some news for next Tuesday (grinning).

Kimber An said...

Oh, you're going to keep us all in suspense now, are you?

Kimber Chin said...

I've been talking about this book for the past year.
I'm sure people are saying "enough, already!"

Kimber An,
there are a lot of awesome people
in the romance world and
I can't think of a better genre
to write in.
(You'll find that out soon enough
when your book comes out
- it is simply a matter of time.)
I find it overwhelming
and a bit humbling.