Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday News!

Good morning, Blog Buds, and welcome to the Tuesday News!

Michelle Moran has cover art for her next novel, THE HERETIC QUEEN, which is due out in September. Beautiful, isn't it? To learn more about the novel, click on the following link- http://michellemoran.com/books.htm For an interesting discussion on how the novel came to have this cover art, click on this link- http://www.historicalfiction.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3118
Also, in case you haven't heard, Michelle's novel, NEFERTITI, will be released in paperback on May 27th. It was released in hardback last July.
Meanwhile, our own Kimber Chin has released her very own very first novel, BREACH OF TRUST, with Champagne Books.
Maybe she'll chime in later to tell us all about it. I only hope she doesn't scare me with too many numbers! Sometimes, people confuse Kimber Chin with me - Kimber An. This is why she goes by 'K' when she posts a review here. The easy way to tell us apart is to hold up a sign with a number on it. She'll probably spout off some excited calculation while I run off screaming into the night. In any case, we're all very proud of Kimber Chin's monumental achievement. To learn more about her novel, click on the following link:


Michelle Moran said...

Thank you, Kimber! Yes, the discussion is heating up about how long historicals should be. People just don't like to hear that the industry is wary of publishing longer tomes (over 500 pages). It has to be a really, really spectacular book (probably with a spectacular platform) for them to take a big chance like that.

Michelle Moran said...

Ohh.. and congratulations to Kimber Chin. I see her posts all the time on Romancing the Blog!

Robyn said...

Congrats, Kimber Chin! You go girl!

Michelle, I'm jealous. I struggle to write 250 pages; I'm a novella girl. I like to read the longer stuff, though!

Kimber Chin said...

Awww... (wiping a tear from my eye), Kimber An, Michelle, Robyn, you don't know what this means to me, you really don't.

I was busy having a post release pity party for one, eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag (honest to goodness), and now this? How does Kimber An KNOW when people need cheering up? Is it a Mom sensor or something?

There are NO numbers in this novel. LOL. This first novel is a bit business heavy though. I was writing it for more of the business crowd, not knowing a romance publisher would want it.

I've been told that the number one reason to read Breach Of Trust is for the baddie. Seems I have a talent for writing evil. Who (other than the hubby) knew?

Maybe that's why I don't have the Mom sensor (that and not being a Mom).

Kimber An said...
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Kimber An said...

There she is! 'Bout time you checked in, Kimber Chin. Baddies are an essential part of a really good book, so you're off to a great start!

Michelle Moran said...

Pity party? This should be your best day ever! What a fantastic accomplishment. Think of all the people who've never succeeded in finishing the book they're working on. I'm ordering my copy straight away! And yes, Kimber An does have a rather fantastic Mom sensor. I think it comes from being a nanny, and an all around good person!

Kimber Chin said...

Okay, maybe not pity party, maybe more like a total freak out. Are people buying the book? More importantly, do they like it? (Too early for reviews, etc) That sort of thing.

As a new author, I don't want to disappoint readers. They work hard for their money, they deserve a great read (like yours Michelle, rockin')

I AM reassured because my publisher, although small press, is darn picky about what books get published. She has pulled books from release because they, despite the year of editing, just aren't good enough.

I DO also give freebie reads on my site. I'm hoping readers will look at those before making a decision.

Ah, I'll feel better after the first read.

BTW... I know that it isn't p.c. to talk about the standard post release freak out 'cause there are plenty of writers begging to be in my shoes but I'm hoping that if I talk about it, it won't catch other newbies off guard like it did me.

Kimber An said...

From what I've experienced here reviewing for brand new authors, Kimber Chin, you are in excellent company.

Kimber An has interacted with plenty of New Authors Freaking Out! They're kind of like mommies sending their children to preschool for the first time. "Ahhh! My baby! My baby!" I'm not teasing, of course. I'm empathizing. I was so freaked out I never sent my own children to preschool or even regular school at all. In fact, I hovered around the Sunday School doors most of the service, even after my children told me to go away.

Jill Sorenson said...

Freaking out is totally natural for new authors, Kimber Chin! I do it on a regular basis. Congrats on your release. That cover is sssexy.

Michelle Moran said...

And yes, freak outs are most natural. I wrote about my publishing experience on my website, and talked about what it's like on the day of publication (tongue-in-cheek!). I think you're going to do fantastically! And again, CONGRATS!