Monday, April 20, 2009

Join the Lobby for a Better Book Cover for Susan Grant Heather over at the Galaxy Express is sounding the charge for a better book cover for Susan Grant's next novel, a lady space pirate story. Some of us SFR readers think she's had more than her fair share of bad luck in this area. I don't blame the publishers. I think it's just a lack of understanding on what appeals to readers who already or potentially will love Science Fiction Romance. So, pop on over and add your voice to the call. If you want to see Susan's cover art, the good, the bad, the "Huh?" then pop over to her website too.


Heather Massey said...

Kimber An, thanks so much for linking to my post. Much appreciated.

Susan is going in exciting directions with her SFR stories and I hope HQN can embrace that kind of creativity. I understand publishers have budgets but what about a little splurge now and then? That's all I'm askin' for...!

Kimber An said...

Having grown up dirt poor, I can tell you the more imagination a person, or publisher, has the less money they need to spend for similar or even better results.

I think all that's needed is for Harlequin to take a look at the cover art for other successful
SFR authors, like Linnea Sinclair, and get inspired.