Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kimber An Accepting eBooks Again!

Good morning, Blog Buds! I'm excited to announce I can accept electronic ARCs and eBooks for review again. A while back I had to give it up because pregnancy makes it very difficult to sit up to the computer reading for long periods of time. Working on my own stories had to take priority. Now, thanks to my brand new little mini-laptop, I can read eBooks and electronic ARCs anywhere, as well as work on my stories and check email. This is very good because, even though I'm not on bedrest yet, I'm getting more and more uncomfortable and it's only a matter of time. It's not a question of 'if,' but 'when' I'll go on bedrest.
My cute little mini laptop is one of the cheaper models, but it serves my needs. I'm still learning all about it. Thankfully, my Heroic Husband is translating. Like I always say, "Any knight in shining armor can slay dragons, but it takes a real hero to make a lady's computer work for her." Take my word for it, Girls. Skip the washerboard abs and go for the Geek. He's just as cute and no fat ego to get in the way.
In the meantime, I received and am reading THE TROUBLE WITH DEMONS by Lisa Shearin. I hope to have that review up Saturday.
I also have HEART OF THE RONIN by Travis Heerman coming up, but I have to wrestle it away from my husband first.


Mfitz said...

I geeks do make the best husbands.

The weird thing is that before I was married I has pretty tech savy. I was a Radio Shack store manager,and had put together my first computer myself. I could progam my video equipment and trouble shoot my own computer issues.

After 13 + years of being married to a tech geek who seems to need to spend $500 every other month to update some "obsolete" bit of home electronics, I now have state of the art networked houshold and can't seem to even turn on the TV to watch something as it is broadcast if he isn't there to walk me throught he complicated multi part, start-up process.

Well it keeps him off the street corners I guess... :-)

Mystery Robin said...

I hope you adore your cute little blue computer. I love mine so much i can't even tell you.

That Ronin book looks great. I love Ronin. I can't wait to hear if you like it!

Frances said...

Kimber An, I am so happy for you. Take care.