Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Kimber An Wants

Good morning, Blog Buddies!
Well, I went to the bookstore yesterday and I could barely waddle in and out. Due to an old back injury, I tend to become immobile earlier than most women. Next time I go grocery shopping, I'm going to be in one of those power-chair carts. One thing's for certain, I do believe this has helped me develop empathy for the disabled. At any rate, I'm longing for certain kinds of books right now and I'm less able to go out and get them. Soon, I'll be on bedrest and I won't be able to go get them at all. So, I'm countin' on you authors and/or author associates who send out ARCs and such for my book-fix.


Remember, I now accept electronic ARCs and eBooks. My Heroic Husband bought me a mini-laptop to balance on my tummy while I'm beached on the sofa. All stories must have a Happily Ever After ending and the Nookie can't be above a Sensual rating. I've been knocked up a few times - I know how to get that way! I don't need it described in graphic detail. I'm more into romantic tension right now. Also, no children or small, fluffy animals can be harmed in the making of the story. (Caution: Weepy Pregnant Woman.) At any rate, here's what I want-


Science Fiction Romance, but only if the Heroine is, will be, or wants to be a MOMMY. Susan Grant's next book can't come out fast enough. I hope to have a review of WARLORD'S DAUGHTER up for you all soon.

Historical Romance, but only if the Heroine is not so contemporary I'm jerked out of the story and she should love Babies too. I've had a terrible time finding a Historical Romance lately because of this. If you got a regular Historical to send, fine, but it's got to be romantic and have an HEA.


A Contemporary Romance with Baby or Babies Involved. Karen Templeton is my favorite author in this category, but she doesn't have a new one coming out that I know of.


YA Science Fiction. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find YA SciFi? And I have a whole blog devoted to it! http://youngadultsciencefiction.blogspot.com/ Sure, I've found some great Middle Grade SF, but the good YA SciFi often gets mislabeled, making it harder to find. And the ones which are known to be YA SciFi are lame. If you've got YA SF or SF which will work for the YA crowd, send it along. Just make sure it has an Happily Ever After ending.

That's it for now. I'm almost finished with THE TROUBLE WITH DEMONS by Lisa Shearin.



Yunaleska said...

The advantage of being a reviewer, you get ARC's!

Waiting patiently for Trouble with Demons. Re-reading the other two while I wait.

Can you get internet delivery on books? It would save you going to the store).

I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.


Kimber An said...

Good morning, Yuna.

eBooks and electronic ARCs are simply attached to email, of course.

My email addy is in my user profile, by the way. Just click on my username.

Otherwise, ARCs and books are snail-mailed to me and my husband brings them home. He still won't let go of HEART OF THE RONIN either. It's a YA Fantasy set in the Japanese Middle Ages.

Yunaleska said...

*stares at screen intently*

YA Fantasy in Japanese Middle Ages?

I've got to check it out!

Kimber An said...

My husband says HEART OF THE RONIN is very good and it must be because I haven't been able to pry it out of his hands yet!

Heather Massey said...

Here's a virtual back rub. Hope the bed rest is manageable.

I'm looking forward to Susan Grant's next book, too. From what I'm hearing it's going to be a lot of fun!