Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm probably the wrong Kimber to be reviewing this book as Kimber An, our moderator, is actually living in Alaska but, darn it, she gets enough free books so I'm keeping this one!

Years ago, Victoria's sister was engaged to Brant MacQuaid. He, however, took off without a word, deserting them when they needed him the most. Today Victoria's sister is happily married with kids and Victoria is a nurse assigned to a remote community in Alaska (okay, back in 1899 every community in Alaska was pretty much remote). The trip there is dangerous and she needs an escort. The man escorting her is, you guessed it, Brant.

Brant is a bounty hunter after a really bad baddie. This baddie needs medical attention. Brant knows Victoria and the young doctor-to-be Cooper will be admitted to the camp. He plans to first pose as their bodyguard and then convince them to pose as the doctor.

The sparks between the two fly. Victoria has issues about people leaving her. Brant is very good at leaving. He's also a bounty hunter so leaving in a pine box is always a possibility.

Yep, the romance between Brant and Victoria is everything a good romance should be but what makes this story special to me is Cooper. At the beginning of the book, he steps onto the stagecoach a boy. He was forced into the profession by his family. He refuses to treat patients. He blushes. He takes the easy way out. When he boards the ship to return south, he is a man. He knows his place in the world. He has confidence. He is ready to be the hero of his own book. This transformation is simply wonderful.

I won this book in a contest on Margaret Moore's site. Woo hoo! I also know Kate. We belong to the same Romance Writers Of America chapter.

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Kimber An said...

Awesome, K.

Sounds like a great story, but...

But, what were they thinking when they chose that cover art? That poor boy would've froze all his important parts off before he ever got his girl! And a boy just cannot afford to risk such a thing in a land where there are not enough girls to go around. Tsk, tsk...

Kimber Chin said...

Nothing sells romance novels faster than a naked man chest, Kimber An.
You know authors have no control over cover art. I don't see mine until the book is ready to be sold.

Kimber An said...

Being a Trekkie, it kinda reminds me of Star Trek The Voyage Home, the one with the whales. Captain Kirk and crew were trying to communicate with the alien probe and Mr. Spock said they could copy the words, but not the syntax. "We would be responding in jibberish."

Jibberish. That's inappropriate cover art. At best, it says, "Hey, there's a really hot guy in this book and explicit sex scenes."

So what? Almost all Romance novels do.

Thank goodness for K to let us all know what's really going on.

Kimber Chin said...

No explicit sex scenes. Well, not really. It is Harlequin Historical heat levels. You know I don't review the spicy reads on your blog. (grinning)