Saturday, November 28, 2009

MOONSTRUCK by Susan Grant on the SFR Blitz
I'm taking part in the SFR Blitz organized by Heather over at the Galaxy Express blog.  I just wanted to give you all a heads-up.  I'll be featuring and managing the give away of a free copy of MOONSTRUCK.  Yeah, I know the cover screams Romantic Suspense, but, trust me, it's Science Fiction Romance.  Click on Susan's tag at the bottom of the post to learn about MOONSTRUCK and all things Susan Grant on this blog.
This idea came to us Skiffy Romers from GREEN EGGS AND HAM by Dr. Seuss.  "You may like it.  You will see.  You may like it in a tree!"  Hey, most of us are moms, you know.  So, tune in.  If you've never tried SFR, here's your chance to try it for free.

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Heather Massey said...

Thanks for the coverage, Kimber An! And I give you full credit for the excellent idea, bwahahahaha...!

The GREEN EGGS AND HAM analogy is so apt, though. Sam-I-Am knew a thing or two about loss leaders, that's for sure!