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Poppy Hathaway, a member of the rather unusual Hathaway family, has had enough excitement in her short life. She wants to live a normal, rather boring life with a normal, rather boring man. Once her beau finds his backbone and dredges up enough courage to ask his father for permission to marry Poppy, she'll have that humdrum life.

Until then, her days are spent chasing her sister's ferret around the hotel they reside in. She tracks the ferret down in the private suites of the mysterious hotel owner, Harry Rutledge.

Harry came to England with nothing. He is now one of the richest, most powerful men in London. He didn't do that by hesitating. When he meets Poppy, he knows no other woman will do as his wife. He feels he's the perfect man to make Poppy happy. He uses all means, nefarious or otherwise, to secure her hand.

I don't normally like romance novels in which the heroine starts off in love with one man and ends up in love with another. However, it is so obviously puppy love between Poppy and her first beau, especially when directly contrasted against the feelings between Poppy and Harry. The first beau is a boy. Harry is a man. The first beau is the person Poppy thinks she should want. Harry is the person she does want and is a better intellectual fit

I loved Harry. He isn't perfect, not by any stretch of the imagination. But he stole my heart in that first scene with Poppy.

He takes her back to his treasure room, a room where he keeps his favorite trinkets and gadgets. It is his private space in the busy, bustling hotel. No one else is allowed in there. Every object, every piece of furniture is handpicked by Harry.

Then the ferret completely destroys one of the chairs. As a reader, I held my breath, thinking Harry is going to get upset. Nope. He doesn't think twice about it. He doesn't care about this beautiful chair. When Poppy tries to control the ferret, Harry says "The chair is already ruined. Let him have at it." He later calmly asks to have it repaired.

He cares about objects for the happiness they bring him and others. The chair brings the ferret happiness. Harry gladly gives it up. I got the impression that if Harry truly thought the first beau would make Poppy happy, he would have given her up also.

Tempt Me At Twilight is part of the Hathaway series but can be easily read as a stand alone. It clearly leads into the romance of Leo and Miss Marks.

Oh, I understand that bloggers are supposed to talk about how they got the books they're reviewing. I started reading this one in Target determined only to read a chapter or two and set it down. I couldn't stop, ended up buying it, and read it that night. I don't know Lisa Kleypas... yet but hope to some day. I DO haunt her site for upcoming releases. Does that qualify me as knowing her?

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