Saturday, May 29, 2010

Harry Potter at Our House Weekly Report

Now, Daddy's addicted.  Well, I taught our daughter to read as a baby (not joking), so, you know, the genes were already there. 
Before her report card came in, she managed to convince him to buy THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE on DVD.  We think she'll either be an attorney or a marketing director when she grows up.  So, Daddy watches that, is enthralled, and then they fight over her DEATHLY HALLOWS book.  She doesn't like to loan those out to anyone.  Finally, he gains possession of it.  I think her report card with the B in math finally arriving helped push things over the edge.  He spends two days reading it and we tease him for taking so long.  Speed-Reading's genetic too, it seems, from my side.  So, now Daddy's addicted to the Harry Potter universe too.  After all, it's STAR WARS on planet Earth with wands instead of lightsabers, basically.
Speaking of Star Wars, Daddy wants to be Darth Vader for Fall Festival (Halloween to the rest of yas) and I want to be Mrs. Malfoy. 

Our daughter is not pleased with this.  She says I must go as Mrs. Weasley.  I AM MRS. WEASLEY!  She says, right down to the red hair and massive herd of offspring.  Mrs. Weasley has seven, I have four.

But, I say if I'm going to pretend to be someone else, I want to be someone BAD because I'm nice and good in real life, you know, except when I have to go without coffee or chocolate for a while.  And, besides, Daddy gets to be Darth Vader!  But, then, she tells me Mrs. Weasley goes Mama Bear Ballistic in DEATHLY HALLOWS, which I'm resisting reading until right before the movie comes out.  Now, I'm conflicted.
Oh, by the way, I found the British edition of THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX at a second hand store and our daughter was thrilled out of her mind.  She gave me her American version.  Mom Tip:   It's always a good idea to keep several copies of favorite books on hand, just in case one gets loved to tatters or more than one member of your family wants to re-read one at the same time.
P.S. Anyone know where I can get a 'Howler?'  Actually, I need four of them.

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