Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review: Hometown Princess by Lenora Worth

Hometown Princess
by Lenora Worth
Genre: Contemporary Inspirational Romance
: Harlequin/Steeple Hill
: $6.25
What I Liked:
I have to admit that I had never heard of Lenora Worth before, but when I opened the cover of the book and saw that she'd published over 40 books for HQ/SH, I was already impressed. Since I've been trying to read lots of SH/Love Inspired books lately, I just picked it up because it was on the shelf. But Lenora Worth definitely knows what she's doing. She's not one of the flukes out there who can write maybe one good book. If she's been writing for that long, and published that many books, she's got some kind of ability.
And I just adored this book. This is probably the best-written Love Inspired book I've read yet. The characters were deep and the conflict believable. The Christian interactions were a little over-the-top, but not *too* over-the-top. I sort of expect some over-the-top-ness, but I was pleased to see that there was some restraint. The love story was definitely the focus of this book.
Plus, I just have a soft spot in my heart for books about rural people. This town was definitely more hip and with it than most of the small towns I know, but not in an unbelievable way. Just something unique about it. I loved the heroine. She definitely made this book for me. The hero was great, but the heroine was my favorite part, and that's really unusual for me with romance novels. I often have a hard time connecting with heroines in romance novels. But not this one. No problem at all!
I look forward to reading more of Lenora Worth's books (previous and future, I hope). Truly a pleasure!
Book Blurb:
All Cari Duncan has ever wanted is family. Yet her late father chose his new young wife's children over Cari. Surprised—and hopeful— when he bequeaths her the old house she grew up in, Cari moves to Knotwood Mountain, Georgia. But she and her stepmother clash the minute she arrives. How can Cari make a fresh start in the small town? The handsome businessman next door, who happens to be the most eligible bachelor, claims to know exactly how. But following Rick Adams's time-tested advice means opening her heart…to faith, family and her very own Prince Charming! 


Kimber An said...

Great review, Rebecca!

And, wow, forty novels, that is just awesome.

Nayuleska said...

I've also seen an author recently who has written over 30 novels....and I just thought Wow!

I'm wondering if the heroine was already loved by the town (hence the princess title) or whether she did something and then became loved by the town...or whether she was spoilt rotten...or... yes I'm intrigued :)

Rebecca Lynn said...

I know, right? Forty? I was just amazed!

It is an intriguing book... :-)

Nayuleska said...

Yes but seeing 30-40 just makes me more determined to get published and be prolific!

Lenora said...

Hi. Thanks for all the kind comments on Hometown Princess. It was a fun book to write since I love shoes! (I got a google alert about the review.) I do appreciate your discussion.

Lenora :)

Rebecca Lynn said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lenora. Loved the book! It looks like we'll all be reading more of your books! :-)