Friday, March 4, 2011

Cyber Launch Party for Fallenwood !!!

Good morning everyone! I am pleased to announce that my fantasy novel, Fallenwood, has officially launched from Decadent Publishing!

An ebook copy of Fallenwood can be purchased at the Decadent Publishing website at

Well, I wasn't sure what to post for the launch party, and I've only got a couple minutes before I have to rush outta here and do State work for the day, so I thought I'd just post up some questions that people can have fun answering:

-I love tea. What's the best kind, in your opinion (brand or type)?
-I love the forest, and Fallenwood (as its name implies) is all about the woods as well. Anyone have any good forest-y stories they'd like to tell?
-What makes for a good fantasy novel?

Each person who comments to this post will be put into a drawing for a free ebook copy of Fallenwood!


Valerie Mann said...

I love mint tea with a little bit of cream. I also love chai. Forest-y stories? When I was about 4, I got lost in the woods near my house. I remember crying and crying until I came to a chain link fence and a woman came and lifted me over it and brought me home. My mother was vacuuming when I got there and hadn't even missed me! A few years later I went back to that neighborhood and the "woods" was about the size of a very large backyard. Perception was off at that age, I guess! LOL
I think a good fantasy novel has to be able to transport me so that I forget where I am and I believe everything I'm reading to be true right then.

Kimber An said...

Congratulations, Leslie! You're also an awesome editor. I put your cover art and also Rebecca's on the sidebar. The ER authors are breaking out! Woo-hoo!

Leslie Soule said...

Thanks Kimber and Valerie!!!

Nayuleska said...

I love Chai too! I also like Jasmine tea a lot. I'm not entering the competition, and woods actually scare me!

Kimber An - yay! How many of us left to get published? Lol :)

Leslie, I'm hoping to review Fallenwood her on ER very soon!

Leslie said...

Thanks Nayuleska!!!

And...I'm gonna wait for a little while and see if we get a few more commenters before declaring a winner. :)

Kimber An said...

Hey, Nayu, just you and Rebecca Lynn, I think, so don't quit now! I think one Blog Buddy is passing on ePublication and holding out for traditional. Otherwise, I think she would be published by now too. She's sticking to what's important to her and I totally respect that!

Anonymous said...

Hey there everyone! Looks like Valerie is our winner! I'll notify the review coordinator at Decadent and have her send you a copy. :)