Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: Heart of Lies by Jill Marie Landis (CONTEST)

Heart of Lies
by Jill Marie Landis

Genre: Christian Romance
Publisher: Zondervan
Price: $9.33

What I Liked:
I am telling you again: If you liked Redeeming Love, you have to read this book. When I read JM Landis' first "Irish Angel Series" book, I said it was like Redeeming Love, and I wasn't kidding. Her lyrical voice and deep spiritual message, combined with the rich historical detail and engaging characters will have you saying the same thing. I am sure.

I love this time period, and the general message of these books. I've seen a lot of books pull the "Pinkerton" angle and fail. But this one succeeds excellently. Tom is a believable and deep and a fantastic hero. Maddie is wounded and spunky, and an incredible woman to root for in this great story. I challenge you to read this book and not like it.

Plus, Jill Marie Landis is giving us a signed copy of this book that one lucky commenter will win, so you have a chance to find out for yourself just how good this book is, at no cost to you! I genuinely think this book will move you and speak to your heart. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Book Blurb:
Raised in a tribe of street urchins, Maddie Grande was taught to be a thief and beggar on the streets of New Orleans. But Maddie doesn't know her real name or where she came from. Raised by Dexter Grande, Maddie and her twin 'brothers' have recently left New Orleans and moved to the bayou. The twins are rarely there, but Maddie has come to love the swamp. She has learned to fish and trap and sell pelts at the local mercantile. Maddie longs to change her life but knows that her brothers will never give up their lawless ways. When they kidnap the daughter of a wealthy carpetbagger, the twins force Maddie to hide the precocious eight-year-old while they return to New Orleans to wait for notice of a reward. Pinkerton agent Tom Abbott is assigned to the kidnapping case in which Maddie has become an accomplice. In a journey that takes them to Baton Rouge, a mutual attraction becomes evident, but Tom and Maddie cannot trust each other. Will Maddie ever discover who she is? Will her real family ever find her? Will Maddie and Tom listen to their hearts? Or will they choose honor over love?


~ Rebecca Lynn


Cheri LaClaire said...

Love Jill Marie Landis! Thanks for posting this.

Rebecca Lynn said...

I hope you enjoy this book, Cheri. I just loved it!!

Nayuleska said...

Wow this sounds a thrilling read, just my thing! Thanks for the great review.