Thursday, May 10, 2007

FINDERS KEEPERS by Linnea Sinclair

Good morning, Blog Buddies! I know I'm supposed to be doing new releases, but I just haven't gotten to a bookstore that sells them lately. But, don't worry. HH and I have a hot date at Barnes & Noble tomorrow. Hey, when you read and write stories like I do, B&N is hot, hot, HOT!

Anyway, this is half-comment, half review.

I did get to a used bookstore. When I saw FINDERS KEEPERS by Linnea Sinclair there, I snatched it right up. Her novels are tough to keep in stock in Alaska, probably because we're surrounded by military bases full of powerful women who need a little more in their romance novels.

Personal taste is a funny thing and we've all got it. GAMES OF COMMAND is my favorite Linnea Sinclair novel of all time. As a result, all her novels are judged against that one in my caffeine-addicted brain. On the other hand, I don't judge her novels against the likes of Susan Grant or any of the other authors I love. Not-favorite authors are cannon fodder though. I once read a novel very similar to FINDERS KEEPERS by an author who shall remain nameless outside hushed whispers in back alleys. Naturally, I rushed to Linnea's side, furious that someone would copy her! Then, I had to remind myself it was probably only a coincidence because the two were released within just a couple months. Still, what edged me into Linnea's camp? Most of the time, it's hard to say why I like one novel and not another. In this case, it's the multi-dimensional characters I can empathize with.

FINDERS KEEPERS is about independent starfreighter captain, Trilby Elliot, who rescues a hottie who turns out to be a Zafharin military officer. She expects him to be an absolute jerk. After the initial shock wears off, he treats her with respect. Their attraction is immediate, but their different lives make her believe it's impossible. But, then, Trilby's got a friend to rescue and the bad guys start hunting them. Love blossoms, heh-heh, among the laser blasts and by the end I'm wondering, "Gee, I wonder what their kid would be like?"

Now, if you'll excuse me, I want to see if my husband knows what yav cheron means.


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Sounds interesting, Kimber An. It's always interesting to hear about what draws readers to certain writers and how they process their feelings about that author's work based on other things that the author has written. Cool. :-)


Kimber An said...

Yeah, it is kind of weird. Erica was talking about the appeal of tortured heros. I never really think about it unless someone mentions. What makes one hero more appealing than another. The short answer is the hero feels real. What makes him feel real is highly subjective.

LadyBronco said...

I read 'Games of Command' in one sitting. I need to go get more of her books, and this sounds like a perfect place to start!

Kimber An said...

Hey, Lady B! I suggest visiting her website. The link's on the Star Captains' Daughter blog's lower right. You'll find her booklist on her site. I always find it educational to start reading an author's booklist in the order they were released. That way I can follow her career as she developed it and observe how her skills developed too. Just a thought!