Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday's Oldies but Goodies...

This week’s Oldie but Goodie is….

Warrior’s Woman by Johanna Lindsey

Released June 1990

There’s a saying about this author. You’ve probably heard it. “Everybody loves a Lindsey.”
Well, I certainly do, and this book is the reason why. I tend to like my romances set in space, or in the future, but they still need to be somewhat believable. If a sci-fi romance starts talking over my head, I lose interest quickly. With ‘Warrior’s Woman’ Ms. Lindsey did exactly what I love ~ blended my love of sci-fi with my love for romance into a story that made me laugh, made me sigh, and even made me mad at spots. I have since re-read this novel at least a dozen times.

‘Warrior’s Woman’ tells the tale of Tedra De Arr, a Sec 1 operative on the planet Krystan. There is an invasion of her government’s ruling body by a race of warriors, and they overcome the security on the planet with ridiculous ease. Tedra flees off-world to try and find a species that can help her free her people. When she lands on a planet inhabited by warriors who are eerily similar to the warriors that invaded her planet, she meets Challen Ly-San-Ter. To say sparks fly would be the understatement of the decade.

At times, reading any type of romance novel, you run the risk of a simpering heroine who is only strong for the first few pages until she meets her hero, and then, all of a sudden, she loses her spine. Thankfully, Tedra keeps hers intact the entire novel, which is a good thing. Challen can be very overbearing and stubborn. It takes a lot of patience on both the main character’s parts to come to an understanding. Ultimately, they both discover that they are the perfect match for each other, and join forces.

The interaction between two such strong individuals could have spun out of control, but Ms. Lindsey deftly tells their story without compromising her storytelling, which I love. The heat level is very sensual, but as both characters are destined to be together, the love scenes were definitely appropriate to the story.

If you like your romance with a futuristic twist, you will love this one. And if you really love it, it this is the first of a three-novel arc so you can continue to read about this couple. Ms. Lindsey does not have an official website, but you can find a full list of her novels on

Happy reading!


Anissa said...

I remember this one! Johanna Lindsey was my first foray into romance...way back when. :) Great review!

Kimber An said...

Great review, Lady B! I like that you pointed out the Heroine doesn't lose her spine once the Hero comes on the scene. I so *hate* when that happens! Makes me want my money back and makes it very difficult not to say nasty things to other people about the book.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Looks like another one I'll have to add to my list. I have never read a Johanna Linsey book before. Your review has piqued my interest. I'm going to have to stop coming over here. ;-) All my money goes to book buying as it is... Thanks for the great review. I'm going to go hunting for all three books.


LadyBronco said...

Thanks ladies - I truly do love this book, and the two others in this series. ;0)

I should have mentioned the titles to the other two. They are 'Keeper of the Heart' and 'Heart of a Warrior'