Saturday, May 12, 2007

Prepare to be Insanely Jealous!

I've got an advanced copy of NEFERTITI A Novel by Michelle Moran in my greedy little hands and I am NOT hawking it on eBay! It's mine! Mine! The rest of you will just have to read the review coming up as soon as I finish reading it and get the okay from Ms. Moran. You can pre-order NEFERTITI at It hits the bookshelves July 10th. Now, I need to get back to celebrating our wedding anniversary. Buh-bye.


Laurie said...

Being such a huge fan of anything 'ancient Egypt', I can't wait to read your review on this one.

::: waits with baited breath :::

Please keep me posted. :)


Kimber An said...

Oh, yes. I remember the influence on your novel, DRAXIS. Although, I still see it as Minoan! Go figure. To keep you posted, I just finished reading it!
And it was really good too. You'll just have to get it.

You should be checking Michelle's blog every day. She travels too much to respond to comments, but she updates practically every day with really cool news of historical and archaeological interest.