Friday, May 25, 2007

Timothy Zahn Read-a-Thon

If anyone's interested in reading along, I thought I'd let you know what's on my list. I'm starting a Timothy Zahn trio of Star Wars novels, commonly referred to as the Thrawn Trilogy for the wickedly interesting bad guy. The titles are HEIR TO THE EMPIRE, DARK FORCE RISING, and THE LAST COMMAND. After that, I'm tackling two Star Wars novels by Kathy Tyers, TRUCE AT BAKURA and BALANCE POINT. Mainly, I'm reading these novels to educate myself on how the really good science fiction is put together. But, the fact is, these are the only Star Wars novels I like, except TATOOINE GHOST by Troy Denning. Speaking of Star Wars, the History Channel is doing a special episode on the saga Memorial Day. Don't miss it! Even if you're not into that, it's a wonderful lesson in how mythology, culture, and history can effect storytelling every day.

P.S. This does NOT mean I'm working on my Star Wars novel! It's done in my head and that's enough for now. I don't care what the Old Hag says!

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