Friday, October 19, 2007

ARMED & MAGICAL cover is out!

The cover art of Lisa Shearin's second book is out. Isn't it gorgeous? Wow, Lisa's two-for-two in the Great Cover War. Good for you, Lisa!http://www.lisashearin.comMeanwhile, I know I'm late on my book review this week. We just moved house. I am so insanely busy. In any case, the book I will be reviewing when I have a chance to catch my breath is NOW AND ZEN by Linda Gerber. It truly is wonderful too. It's about a Japanese American girl who visits Japan knowing very little about Japan and everyone there thinks she's Japanese and assume she knows everything about Japan. It's a lot of fun. I love multi-cultural/cultural clash adventure-type stories, yanno.


Lisa Shearin said...

Thank you for posting my new cover! Yep, I consider myself 2 for 2 now in the "Great Cover War." (I love that phrase) I'm blessed to have had fabu covers with no changes needed. I was finishing Armed & Magical and packing to move at the same time, so I know what you're going through. I told Derek to tell me when the movers absolutely needed my desk and then--and only then--could they have it. ; )

Kimber An said...

You're welcome, Lisa!

(Kimber conjures an image of Lisa still sitting in her chair being carried out to the truck by the movers while she continues to tap away at her computer on her desk which is also being carried out.)