Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday's Oldies but Goodies...

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This week's Oldie but Goodie is...

Houston, We Have A Problem
by Erin McCarthy

Released September 2004

Meet Josie Adkins. She's a surgical resident, but she also happens to be a grade-A klutz. More than a little self-conscious of her short and curvy frame, her nerves go into overdrive everytime Dr. Houston Hayes comes anywhere near her.
Dr. Houston Hayes is a no-nonsense orthopedic surgeon. He has no desire to get into any long-term relationship - too risky. He is, however, at a loss when it comes to Dr. Adkins. He drives her crazy, and not just because she is always dropping x-rays and charts every time she is around him. He is so attracted to her that it's becoming a distraction, and he can't have that. His solution? Offer one night together to get rid of the tension between them.
Yeah, cause that always works.
Houston is in for a big surprise. Not only does Josie turn out to be someone he is actually comfortable talking to, she turns out to be so much more than the clumsy resident who drives him crazy. And Josie? Well, she is discovering there is more than meets the eye where houston is concerned. Behind the 10-ft walls he has erected around himself is a man who is in some desprate need of a little TLC.
Slowly, Josie manages to find a way around Houston's walls, and when Houston is badly hurt, Josie grabs on with both hands and refuses to let go, even when Houston tries his best, in his misery, to push her away.
Erin McCarthy definitely manages to create two characters you can identify with. If you have never read a novel by Ms. McCarthy, this is an excellent story to start with. Her stories are always a treat to read, and her writing style always manages to blend a perfet balance of humor and wit, and her character-building skills are awesome. If you are looking for an author who writes in a style you will be comfortable with, Ms. McCarthy is definitely your woman.
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Kimber An said...

I'm scared of medical romances, Lady B. However, I do love Grade-A Klutzes!