Thursday, October 11, 2007


This is a novel I've been wanting since last February. I couldn't find it anywhere in Alaska. I finally ordered it off New, of course.

Remember the sacred Enduring Romance oath? "I, Kimber An, do solemnly swear to always buy my favorite authors' books new." Buying new is the only way authors make money and publishers pay attention to the kind of books you like. But, I digress.
Nikki is on the other side of thirty and her family and friends nag her relentless about when she's going to find a nice man and get married. Ug. I really know how that feels because I went through the same thing. Finding a loving, faithful husband can take a while, yanno.
Sick of all the nagging, Nikki does something I never thought of. She pretends to get married. She flies to Las Vegas for the supposed wedding/honeymoon and has a nice solo vacation. Oh, yes, she does feel guilt and worries how long she can pull it off before she has to tell everyone it didn't work out and she got divorced. But, then, on the flight back she meets Byron.
Byron's been waiting a long time for a loving and faithful spouse too. One of his misfires is a psycho ex.
Byron is so taken with Nikki that he plays along with her charade when he finds out that she's claimed him as her Invisible Husband to her friends and family. How far will they go? How long can they pull the wool over everyone's eyes? Will love make the charade irrelevent?
You'd better buy this book and find out. ;)


princessdominique said...

Go Shelia. Everybody read this book!

Michelle Monkou said...

I second that. Shelia is a talented author. Get this one and Paige's Web.

Kimber An said...

The Princess has spoken.

Kimber An said...

And so has Michelle!

I love Shelia's cover art. Did she get lucky with that or what?

Marg said...

This sounds great!

Kimber An said...

It is great, Marg.

For those seeking contemporary romance without graphic nookie that isn't Young Adult or Inspirational, this novel is a wonderful little gem. The Heat Level is *Sweet* with an emphasis on sexual tension instead.

Heat Level is an issue important to a lot of readers who come through here. In recent years, some of them have shied away from buying new because they've bought what was labeled Romance, only to get it home and find that it is Erotica.

Shelia said...

Kimber An, thank you for taking the time to read and review My Invisible Husband. Thank you all for your comments.

Kimber An said...

You're welcome, Shelia. I had a wonderful time.

Tia said...

This one looks awful fun!

Kimber An said...

That it is, Tia