Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday's Oldies but Goodies...

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Today's Oldie but Goodie is...

Black Ice
by Anne Stuart

Released May 2005

I do not often read romance that has a thriller/intrigue/spy sort of edge to it. It's no secret that I love my romance with a touch of action/sci-fi, or vampires/zombies, that sort of thing.
Imagine my shock when I began reading Black Ice, and the next thing I knew I had looked up from the book and it was almost 2 hours later.
Black Ice tells the story of American Chloe Underwood. Chloe lives in Paris, and works as an American book translator. She shares an apartment with a fellow female translator, who offers Chloe the opportunity to fill-in for her over the weekend for some high-powered businessmen who need an English-French translator for a large business meeting taking place in the French countryside.
Little did Chloe know this meeting had little to do with legitimate business, and that going to this meeting would jeopardize her very life.
When Chloe meets Bastien Toussaint, he has been sent to eliminate her, but for whatever reason, something about Chloe wakes up his conscience - something he thought had died a long time ago.
Instead of killing Chloe, Bastien decides to take a chance and get Chloe out of the deadly situation she finds herself in. Now Chloe has more than one problem to deal with. Not only are the two of them on the run from some of the most ruthless individuals Chloe has ever met, the motives of one Bastien Toussaint are continually in question. Why did he rescue her, and what does he really want?
Ms. Stuart has skillfully written a tale that will have you hooked almost from page one. While the heat level is sensual in this tale, it is a very integral part of the story, and the intimacy reveals a lot about our hero Bastien we might have never learned otherwise. Ms. Stuart has created two characters you will be able ti identify with, and you will care about what happens to them by the end of the novel. I thoroughly enjoyed the thriller/action/romance tale spun within the pages of 'Black Ice' and you will also be happy to know it is one of a series Ms. Stuart has written. You can find out more about on the author's website -
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Kimber An said...

Great one, Lady B! I rarely read mystery/spy time novels either. It takes a really good one to stop me in my tracks too.