Thursday, October 2, 2008

A LOVER'S KISS by Margaret Moore

Dynamic barrister Sir Douglas Drury is attacked in a seedy part of Regency London. Juliette Bergerine, a French seamstress, rescues him from certain death (she throws potatoes at his attackers – priceless). Drury is perhaps not as grateful as he should be. Why? Because after spending time in French prison, tortured and left to die there, he holds an understandable grudge against the entire country. So he is happy to reimburse Juliette for her time (and her potatoes) and be on his way.

Except that Juliette is then attacked by someone thinking she is Drury's new mistress. Knowing no one else in London, she insists Drury protect her. Protect HER. An irrational and overly emotional French woman. He wishes he could refuse but his honor won't let him. The best he could do is find the person responsible for the attacks as quickly as possible.

Okay, I'll admit to being a frothing-at-the-mouth Margaret Moore fangirl. Any novel she publishes is a dependably great read. However, I usually prefer her medievals as they have that author-in-her-element glow about them. So I was disappointed when I heard Margaret's next book was a Regency. Boy, was I foolish. I LOVED A Lover's Kiss. Loved it.

I also love Drury. (Sigh) He is so tortured and deep. Juliette, do I really need to sell you on her? She threw potatoes at the hardened thugs attacking Drury. Potatoes! Her creative solutions are a delight to read. Drury and Juliette together? Fireworks. The more emotionless Drury tries to be, the more dramatic Juliette becomes. And he secretly loves it.

A Lover's Kiss is book three of a series but it can very well be read alone. Actually, I recommend you read it first (if you haven't already read the first two). Why wait? It is that good.

This is a Harlequin Historical so you know what to expect for heat levels and the gore o'meter.

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Margaret Moore said...

Wow! I just found this review. I'm flattered and humbled and overwhelmed and...WOW!

I guess I better quit messing around the interwebs and get back to work on Buggy's book except...I wouldn't have found this and felt so very happy! Thank you, thank you!