Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Robin's Reading

Hello Blog Buddies,

I'm blogging from the world of the horrible, terrible, no good, eternal flu. So forgive me in advance if I sound a little, um, addled. I haven't really eaten in three days. ;)

That said, I wanted to share with you what I'm reading. I don't like to rave about a book till I'm done because it could all fall apart in the end, but so far these look really promising.

First - The Diplomat's Wife

It's set right after WW2 in London, and is written in a really beautiful lyrical style. I feel like a lot of literature today has a snarky female protagonist, and while I love spunk as much as the next person, it's nice to read someone who is more introspective and calm sometimes. This is about a girl who fights in the resistance, survives untold physical and personal calamities, and keeps a quite determination about her. It also does an excellent job of pulling you into the story while the rest of your world is swirling about you and with little kids, that's a must have!

Second - The Guard's

I can't tell you how much I love this mystery. I flipped open the cover not expecting to be drawn in. I was challenging it to make me keep reading. And wow, it did. It uses short sentences, but not in a sparse, Hemmingway sort of way. It's more poetic, but down to Earth. Very difficult to explain. It's funny, without being snarky, and intelligent, and very masculine, but very enjoyable to a female reader.

Jack Taylor is an loveable Irish alcoholic who used to be part of the Irish Guards and is now working as a Private Eye, which is apparently very un-Irish.

All I can say is go to Amazon and read the first page and you'll hit one click buy on the spot!

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Kimber An said...

Great books, Robin, and feel better soon, you poor thing you.