Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday's Oldies but Goodies...


This week's Oldie but Goodie is....

The Switch by Sandra Brown
First released in 2000

Have you ever wished you could trade places with someone for the day, or even for a few hours, just to break up the mundane routine that is your life? Well, in The Switch, twins Melina and Gillian Lloyd do just that.

Melina is a media escort, hired to accompany one Christopher "Chief" Hart, beloved astronaut, around town on the eve of a speech he is giving in Dallas. Melina thinks Gillian would enjoy herself much more, and convinces her to switch places for the evening.

Gillian agrees, needing the outlet. She is in a relationship that has no spark, and she had just completed her first appointment at a fertility clinic to be artificially inseminated.

Neither twin has any inkling that the night will end with one of them murdered.

Melina is awakened at the crack of dawn by two police officers who relay the worst news she could ever face - her sister has been found dead in her bed, the victim of an apparently random attack.

Melina is not convinced when it appears the killer is found, dead by a self-inflicted wound, and neither is Chief. The subsequent attempt on Chief's life, and the appearance at her door by two people posing as FBI agents spurs her into action. Both Chief and Melina slowly uncover what at first looked like a deadly attack on her sister but becomes proof of a conspiracy that reaches to the very door of a powerful and enigmatic televangelist.

As Chief and Melina run from the fake FBI agents hunting them, trying to permanently silence them ~ they discover their reasons for wanting the killer found have more in common then they knew. The question now before them is how much to they tell each other, and how much do they dare trust each other?

The Switch highlights, in my opinion, some of Ms. Browns' best work. Not only is the character development top notch, she maintains a pace not easily conveyed. At it's heart, this is definitely a story of love and redemption, but the fast-paced action and huge shocker of an ending will make you glad you gave this story a thorough read-through.

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Happy reading!


Kimber An said...

Great job, Lady B!

Mfitz said...

Sandra Brown is almost always a good read.

shelia said...

I thought I had read most of Sandra Brown's books. This one slipped through my radar.

LadyBronco said...

It's funny, but I generally do not read Sandra Brown because I just can't get into her stories - but something about this one snagged my attention immediately.

It's just a really well-told story.